Secure Your Business with Manned Security Services

Manned security services provide the necessary man and muscle power to your premises in case of an emergency, intrusion or accident. Majority of business premises or sites today are remotely monitored through closed circuit cameras. But this cannot be used as a replacement to an on-site guard who is physically present on the premise and can quickly respond and jump to action in case of any breach or accident. Manned Security Services gives your premise an added layer of protection against trespassing on your property.

Manned guarding services provide a 24*7 surveillance

Security Guard Services for most businesses go beyond the conventional mode where the Manned Security services also offer regular patrol of the entire premise, checking and securing all the exits, doors and windows, switching off all electrical equipment, regular checking of fire exists, testing and regular maintenance of alarm systems. These Manned guarding services also provide a 24*7 surveillance of the premise through CCTV systems where any suspicious activity is promptly reported and taken action against. These professionally trained personnel work around the clock to ensure a safe working environment. Most of the security professionals are instructed to keep in mind the government guidelines and the set safety standards, while they always aim to set a benchmark for best practices.

The type of security you need depends on the kind of business you have. The requirements of every business are different. The security protocol at a corporate office will be different from the one needed at a warehouse or premises located in rural areas. Major customers for manned security services fall within the following groups: Distribution centres, warehouses, industrial locations, abandoned or vacant sites, shopping complexes, residential homes.

Along with this, you can also have static or mobile security officers. Static or manned officers are physically present all the time while the mobile security officers come for regular patrols. Although mobile patrols are quite cost-effective manned security gives greater assurance as you have a trained professional always safeguarding your premise.

Apart from this benefit, it reduces the chance of any criminal activities in your premise as their constant vigilance which will deter any criminal from plotting against you. Manned security also helps to contain the unfavourable situation before they escalate further into a full-blown fight or conflict.  Most well-renowned security personnel training services are also accredited with various international and national certification to add credibility and function according to the industry norms

There are many security services available today, most of which can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. The most popular and used manned security services include Gatemen, Security Officers, Mobile Patrol, Key Holding, Static Site Officers, Security Escort Services, Caretaker Services, and Cash Handling Services, Reception duties, Bag searches, First Aid, etc.

Majority of the organizations today outsource their security requirements to an outside third party of security professionals to ensure security. Manned security basic guarding principles are:

  1. Do not permit the unauthorized entry into the premises or building of a business
  2. Prevent the premise from any destruction of property
  3. Safeguard the person from any sort of assault in the business premise

Benefits of manned security services

The benefits of having manned security services for your business are as follows:

  • Professionally trained human resources which are correctly trained and screened to safeguard your premise
  • Consistent monitoring and support at all times
  • Integration of real-time and electronic security to provide constant safety
  • Prevention of any type of accidents at the right time

As businesses grow both globally and locally, so will the need to safeguard its perimeters from undesirable elements outside. Manned guarding security service is like an insurance for the company where you can stop worrying about your safety and focus on the core task of your company without fearing any break-in or intrusion from outside.

There are many highly efficient and reliable manned service providers present in the market today to select from. Based on your requirements, you can easily apply for quotations or enquires and be on your way to securing the present and future of your business.

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