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Sniffer Dogs

Sniffer Dogs

With the threat of explosives sadly increasing and the country being rife with narcotics, it is highly recommended to employ a specialist search dog to ensure that the risk posed by drugs and bombs are confronted and reduced.

At MEC Security, we have been providing sniffer dogs to a huge range of industries across Kent, Essex and London for many years.

Through professional sniffer dog training, our canines have honed their innate scent detection abilities to levels of incredible precision.

Introducing sniffer dogs in schools and workplaces can provide significant advantages by harnessing their exceptional abilities to enhance security measures and safeguard the well-being of individuals.

These dogs are priceless assets in fostering a safe environment.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Industry leading drug detection dogs

When it comes to narcotics, there are very few illicit substances that can get past the noses of our amazing dogs. We have dogs trained to a level where they are able to quickly and correctly identify even the smallest quantity of illegal substances during a drug search.

Our energetic working dogs are pace setters in the detection of illicit materials. Their high levels of stamina and drive guarantee that the task is always undertaken and completed with confidence and effectiveness.

This makes our sniffer dogs the perfect choice for any setting where narcotics may be present.

Environments such as:

  • Airports & aircraft
  • Sporting events
  • Music festivals
  • Border control
  • Prisons and detainment centres
  • Law enforcement operations
  • Public transport
  • Schools and universities

Safeguard your people and places from the threat of drugs with the help of a highly trained drug sniffer dog from MEC.

Drug Detection Dogs

Professional explosive detection dogs

Undetectable to the human nose, many explosives contain materials, liquids and substances that give off a unique signature, unable to evade the senses of our professionally trained dogs.

Many highly attended events and public places sadly face the threat of being targeted by those wishing to cause large scale harm through the use of explosive materials. At MEC Security, we provide explosive detection dogs that are trained to find explosives and hazardous materials even in the most difficult of places.

We have a team of highly experienced trainers who combine their skills with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that each of our dogs is trained to the highest standard.

By providing our search dogs with a progressive and stimulating training program, we can be sure that they are able to accurately detect explosive materials at all times.

Passive and proactive scent detection training

Proactive sniffer dogs

Sniffer dogs trained in proactive scent detection typically work off lead to conduct searches in various environments, including classrooms, accommodation areas, festivals, and farms. They are able to work at a much faster pace compared to humans.

Passive sniffer dogs

Conversely, passive sniffer dogs usually carry out searches whilst being on lead without the need to actively search. They can be used to non-intrusively detect scents from people or objects that have come into contact with certain substances, such as drugs and explosives.

A passive sniffer dog can be used to scan crowds of festival-goers, workplace staff, aeroplane passengers or any other gathering and will alert its handler when it detects drugs. If a scent is picked up, the dog follows the individual and sits in front of them, providing grounds for a search.

Guard Dog Security

Experts in human detection

For operations that are focussed on detecting a human presence, such as search and rescue projects, security patrols and missing people searches a dog's superior sense of smell is a truly priceless asset.

Our sniffer dogs have undergone proper training and intensive scent work so that they're able to pinpoint a specific human scent including human remains.

Our dogs are also able to distinguish between a human scent and other animal scents, making them invaluable in locating lost people or persons of interest.

At MEC Security, we're proud to be providing the highest quality search dogs for essential operations and essential security tasks. Contact us today and find out how our sniffer dogs can help you.


Are your dogs friendly and suitable for classrooms and to be around children?

Whilst our sniffer dogs are not pet dogs as such, they are extensively trained not only to target scent but also in behaviour and obedience. Our handlers will always be with the dogs to ensure their safety and the safety of others is guaranteed at all times.

Which substances can your dogs detect?

We train dogs to be able to detect a multitude of substances including:

Do your dogs detect vapes?

Currently, our dogs are not trained to detect vaping products. However, they may identify them if they have been cross-contaminated with illegal substances.

What happens to the drugs or explosives that are found?

The substances that are detected by our search dogs cannot be legally handled by our team. Our service aims to inform clients about the presence of illegal substances at a location. It is then up to the client to establish and implement their own recovery and detainment procedure.

Which accreditations and qualifications do you hold?

Our team are extensively qualified in the handling and training of sniffer dogs.

Our accreditations and credentials include:

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MEC Security provide highly trained UK sniffer dogs to a huge range of industries. All of our canines are adept at detecting the presence of substances & explosives, preventing any compromise of your venues' security.

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Service Coverage

Our canine units are also experty trained in the detection of weapons, explosives and drugs. Our sniffer dogs services are available in;
Essex, Kent and London.

We provide a wide range of services involving the dispatching of handling of trained canine units. Our security dogs are available in areas including;
Essex, Kent, Birmingham and London.

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