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Tenant Eviction Services UK

Tenant Eviction Services UK

Residential Property Eviction

If you own or manage a residential property, you will be aware of the risks involved in trusting your residents with the maintenance & care of the property. On top of this, there is always the chance that your tenants will become unreliable with monthly rental payments.

Evicting residents from your property can be a stressful, complicated and challenging process as in many situations tenants can use the law to their benefit. It is important to continue to show willingness to resolve situations peacefully, whilst still adhering to your duties as the landlord. This will help your case massively when bringing the case infront of a judge, should the situation get that far.

MEC Security specialise in assisting property owners, landlords, management agencies & local authorities with the eviction of problematic tenants. We work closely with solictors, the courts and police to provide a swift and professional eviction service whilst taking care to descalate any potentially volatile situations. Our enforcement team include High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) enabling us to enforce your County Court Order by transferring it to the High Court for enforcement purposes.

Evict tenants from residential property UK

Fast Eviction Services

On receipt of the High Court Writ of Possession we can swiftly evict tenants from your property and assist in the clearance & re-securing of the property. We can remove waste, abandoned furniture & belongings, change locks & even board up entrances to prevent re-entry.

Acting quickly is critical when you decide to take steps to evict tenants from your property, it is also important to ensure that your reasons & also the way in which you deal with the matter is respectable.

Instruct us today and our enforcement team can commence proceedings as a matter of urgency.

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