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At MEC Security, we provide surveillance services in different locations all around the UK. We also offer event-recording services at these locations. As per normal, offenders are discouraged from engaging in any illegal activity when they notice that a mobile CCTV unit is stationed close by. This is why a mobile CCTV unit like that MEC Security provides is necessary. Also, if an incident occurs, our video surveillance services can be used to reconstruct the pattern of events and apprehend the individuals that were involved.

We provide our surveillance service using vans, and each van has state-of-the-art equipment. The high-tech devices within our vehicles include video recording equipment, pan-tilt-zoom, fixed cameras, and GPS tracking devices.

What our mobile CCTV Unit can be used for

There are a lot of ways our mobile CCTV unit can be used which include;

1. Recording of Sporting and Public Events:

Our unit can be used to record public events like demonstrations and protests, as well as football matches and other sport games. You can also monitor the activities of the supporters or participants of these events. The unit can be used to spot any abnormal or illegal activity easily.

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2. Monitoring Anti-Social Behaviour:

You can also deploy our unit to watch the activities of a crime-concentrated area. Local authorities and policemen can use these services to make decisions and spot perpetrators of anti-social behaviours.

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3. Monitoring traveller encampment:

If you notice that travellers have been parking illegally on private or council land and you need to find a way to catch them on tape. MEC Security’s mobile CCTV unit can be used to apprehend such travellers.

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4. Apprehending fly-tippers:

We must keep our environment clean and safe at all times. Sadly, a few people do not abide by the sanitary laws. You can use our mobile security unit to catch such offenders and bring them to justice.

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We provide security services nationwide and are SIA approved. Our team of experienced personnel are available to discuss with you a bespoke security services with our mobile CCTV unit, contact us to discuss the surveillance you need at an affordable cost.

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MEC Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services.

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