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Mobile CCTV UK

Mobile CCTV in the UK

CCTV Tower Units/Structures

At MEC Security, we provide surveillance services in different locations all around the UK. We also offer event-recording services at these locations. As per normal, offenders are discouraged from engaging in any illegal activity when they notice that a mobile CCTV unit is stationed close by. This is why a mobile CCTV unit like that MEC Security provides is necessary. Also, if an incident occurs, our mobile cctv camera video surveillance services can be used to reconstruct the pattern of events and apprehend the individuals that were involved.

CCTV Options

Wireless video verification alarm system is completely wireless & battery operated meaning it operates completely independent of a power source or network connection

Unlike our wireless system, CCTV requires a power source but comes with the added benefits of 4K high definition imaging which can be used for identification purposes, remote access via customer devices and sophisticated deactivation software to filter false activations.

Tower (1) Option - Dual Lighting Options LED Lamps

Our “green” LED lights offer a highly visible deterrent and an additional source of lighting for sites. Infrared Lamps allow for up to 72 hours of operation with no external power. Visual Deterrent With a total extended height of 6 metres and a 3 metre tall housing with highly visible markings acting as an effective deterrent to would be criminals. Smart Software system incorporates the latest smart Video Content Analytics (VCA) software that generates an alarm and video direct to our secure Alarm Receiving Centre, where it is evaluated quickly and acted upon.

Live Audio An immediate clear live audible warning is sent to the site to inform an intruder they are being watched and recorded, and that the relevant authorities will be called. Other Features include Operational within one hour. With over 1 month continuous recording. Battery back-up system for 72 hours. 360° Pan-Tilt-Zoom dome camera

Tower (2) Option - Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras work by detecting heat which means there is no need to use lights to illuminate the area being monitored. Using this type of camera reduces the power requirements of the Solar tower dramatically. Another advantage of Thermal cameras is that they have a much longer effective range, in the case of the camera used on the Solar tower the range is up to 200 metres making it ideal for securing large areas and perimeters. Fuel Cell & Solar Technology tower uses a fuel cell and solar panels.

The system converts the stored solar energy into usable electricity which negates the need for an external power source. If the solar cells do not supply enough electricity the fuel cell assists & is capable of working for up to 5 months without maintenance. When the fuels cells near depletion we receive an alert and site attendance is scheduled to replenish the fuel cell. The Solar system is a highly cost-effective solution for remote and greenfield sites when compared to hiring generators, petrol and diesel costs, and the need for someone to refuel the generator.

IOT Surveillance Camera
Security Services

MEC’s end-to-end surveillance technology service detects, captures, analyses and reports instantly from customer security assignments via a secure platform. Internet enabled, strategically located ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) camera units monitor customer premises around the clock. Real time, AI enhanced images are analysed 24-hours a day by a dedicated monitoring team, reporting suspicious activity to the MEC control room. If a threat is verified our professional SIA licensed service responds, and customers receive a full report once any problems are solved.

Our Motion Activated Camera Surveillance Service can be installed anywhere on private property to counter a wide range of security threats and risks, as well as Facilities Management (FM) needs.

CCTV Tower Unit hire in the UK

Advantages & Uses of IoT Camera Systems include;


  • Overt or covert private space surveillance
  • Unauthorised access or access control
  • Intruder & trespass detection
  • Perimeter/vulnerable area overwatch
  • Critical asset/infrastructure observation
  • Facilities & utilities monitoring
  • Personnel & vehicle audit
  • Fly-tipping, vandalism and anti-social behaviour detection
  • Construction and project management progress record keeping

System Advantages

  • Motion activated - advanced motion sensor detection
  • Covert operation - infrared LED day/night mode
  • Solar-powered - no external power needs
  • Cloud-based - mobile data network connected, secure data storage
  • Weather-proof - IP-rated ruggedised units withstand extreme conditions
  • HD - high definition image capture of intruder
  • 24/7 monitored - images assessed by humans with AI support
  • 24/7 managed - suspicious activity investigated by licensed security professionals
  • Professionally installed - low impact to SSAIB standards
  • Flexible - surveillance easily adapted to site changes
  • Private space monitoring - assured GDPR and Surveillance Camera Commissioner compliance
CCTV Units

Mobile CCTV Security:
Recording of Sporting and Public Events:

Our unit can be used to record public events like demonstrations and protests, as well as football matches and other sport games. You can also monitor the activities of the supporters or participants of these events. The unit can be used to spot any abnormal or illegal activity easily.

Mobile CCTV Security:
Monitoring Traveller Encampment:

If you notice that travellers have been parking illegally on private or council land and you need to find a way to catch them on tape. MEC Security’s mobile CCTV unit can be used to apprehend such travellers with our mobile remote video tower for outdoors.

Mobile CCTV Security:
Monitoring Anti-Social Behaviour

You can also deploy our unit / video camera tower to watch the activities of a crime-concentrated area. Local authorities and policemen can use these services to make decisions and spot perpetrators of anti-social behaviours.

CCTV Van hire UK

Mobile CCTV Security:
Apprehending Fly-Tippers

We must keep our environment clean and safe at all times. Sadly, a few people do not abide by the sanitary laws. You can use our mobile security unit to catch such offenders and bring them to justice.

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