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Security guard providing Concierge Services in London

Concierge Security Services London

Concierge security services provide steadfast protection for large properties that generate frequent foot traffic, helping to safeguard residents, customers, employees & visitors. Due to the numerous security benefits and the reliable, on-site protection that it provides to large premises, landlords, property management companies and large businesses will frequently depend on concierge security.

MEC Security offers concierge security services in London that are ideal for the safe monitoring and securing of occupied commercial buildings, blocks of flats, apartments & more, providing peace of mind to the residents or employees.

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What is concierge

Concierge security is the first line of defence primarily used in apartment buildings, hotels, and places of work. Concierge security staff will typically man the front desk, welcome people as they enter and exit the building, conduct regular patrols, monitor CCTV & deal with any security enquires or issues. The focus of concierge security guards is to provide building occupants with additional security and discourage unauthorised access.

VIP Concierge services London

The diverse nature of our capital city means that concierge security in London is in high demand. From colossal skyscrapers that are home to thousands of offices in Central London to vast industrial estates housing an expansive range of industries on the outskirts, each one would benefit from dedicated guarding to keep assets, people & properties safe & secure.

MEC Security delivers a wide range of concierge security services in London. Just a few examples of the services offered by our concierges include;

Corporate concierge security

Corporate concierge security officers are primarily responsible for controlling access to company buildings. Only authorised personnel should be able to enter.

Corporate concierge staff also perform other functions. Security concierge duties include maintaining continuous surveillance over specific property areas, protecting buildings from theft, fire, and other accidents, and arranging deliveries.

Corporate concierges typically sit at the front desk, welcoming visitors on arrival. However, they may also operate in teams, taking it in turns to patrol areas of the premises at high risk of unauthorised entry. Companies may also refer to them as building security & cleaning concierges because of their dual role.

Night security

During the daytime, many buildings are at low risk of intrusion. However, when staff go home at night, risks multiply.

Night security concierges are a special type of concierge that operates during off-peak hours. They may handle incoming calls, help guests with their luggage, and provide basic security services.

Patrols are part of the job for a night concierge. They step in and resolve issues if they detect that something is amiss. In some cases, night security guards will stop people entering the building and ask for their credentials.

Concierge security hospitality

Hospitality concierges work in hotels. Their primary role is to provide customer service to guests, for instance, showing them to their rooms or helping to book tours. However, these concierges can quickly pivot between a hospitality and security mindset, depending on the needs of the situation. They offer strategic support during emergency situations.

In a sense, concierge security engineers are covert security officers. They’re able to perform other tasks while, at the same time, having the right training to recognise criminal activity. Concierge hospitality agents usually dress in regular uniforms to blend into the background.

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Concierge security

Staff perform a number of roles designed to protect both premises and personnel. Common concierge security responsibilities include:

  • Patrolling the site, checking for signs of unauthorised access
  • Maintaining strict no-smoking policies
  • Remaining highly visible to act as a deterrent for anyone looking to vandalise property
  • Unlocking and locking doors, gates and windows and specified times
  • Arranging for the delivery and storage of materials on-site
  • Checking that all contractors have the right passes to enter the building
  • Making sure that delivery vehicles park in the correct bays
  • Logging details of guests who park on the premises or visit occupants

Benefits of security concierge officer at MEC

The benefits of choosing a security concierge officer at MEC are as follows:


We don’t believe that security solutions should cost the Earth. That’s why MEC offers cost-effective solutions. We achieve low prices through intelligent resource deployment and by directing energy to areas where it is needed the most. We listen to your primary security concerns and then build strategies around them.

Qualified and professional staff

All members of our team are highly trained and understand the needs of a variety of industries and building types. With trained professionals, you get a much higher level of protection than possible through conventional services that don’t have a concierge licence. Our personnel understand how to prevent and mitigate threats before they put your property and occupants at risk.

Fully insured

If something goes wrong on your property or premises, we’re covered.

Our insurance means that you won’t have to make large payouts in the event of a liability case relating to a companies concierge & security contracts.

We listen to feedback

Not all concierge security firms listen to feedback, but we do. Our team continually updates its policies to support your aims and objectives.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can improve our services, just pick up the phone. A helpful colleague will be standing by, ready to take your call.

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We’re constantly upgrading our strategies to remain at the forefront of security so join us today.

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