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Security company Kent

Security Company in Kent

Need security for your home, business establishment or event? You need not worry about the details. Hiring one of the top Security companies in Kent can solve all your security needs and give you the assurance you need to focus on the other important things at your property or event.

You cannot discount the importance of security in today's world. Security is why things go as planned with no disruption. Whether passive or active, you should work with a security company to help keep your home and business environment secure.

Security services in Kent

Kent Security Company

MEC Security is a Kent security company well-known for its high-level security service offerings across Kent. The company has a professional team of security operatives fully licensed and accredited by the SIA (Security Industry Authority).

We have security guards made up of ex-police officers, military veterans and well-trained security operatives. We ensure every member of our security teams is well-trained with up-to-date skills and methods to tackle security concerns expertly and professionally. They also undergo thorough background checks to ascertain that the personnel you're trusting with your property or business has no negative history or dent on their records.

MEC Security offers a wide range of services, including 24/7 security service and emergency response. As one of the leading security companies in Kent, we offer armed and unarmed security for residential and commercial properties. We give you value for your money as we deliver efficiently on our service promises.

Our Security Services in Kent

MEC Security is a Kent security company that offers a wide range of services. Our high-level security services are well-suited for both residential and commercial clients.

Retail security

MEC Security Company is a leading provider of retail security. We have a retail security team specialising in providing security services for retail business facilities. We understand how prone retail facilities are to shoplifting and robbery. So, we assign our well-trained guards to man your retail facility premises. Our goal is to ensure the security of your retail facility, customers, employees and valuable assets. We also have well-versed personnel capable of dealing with various security situations and emergencies to keep the environment safe and optimal for business.

Multi-purpose security guards

MEC Security takes pride in having a versatile team of security experts. Our security guards can handle virtually any security needs and are fluid with their expertise. We offer 24/7 security for different properties, including surveillance, fire emergencies, medical emergencies, private security and customer services.

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Concierge security

Facilities and properties that generate high foot traffic often require frequent safeguarding. These properties often have a lot of people visiting them throughout the day, and they can benefit from the reliable on-site protection that Kent security company can offer. Our concierge security services help safeguard customers, residents, visitors and employees, ensuring things go accordingly at every hour of the day.

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Security patrols

If you need security patrols for your residential or commercial property, MEC Security offers mobile security patrols and saves you the hassle of hiring a permanent guard. We offer professional patrol officers who conduct patrols based on your requirements. We offer a robust security package tailored to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

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Dog patrol security

As one of the leading security companies in Kent, part of our services is our dog patrol security service. We have mobile dog patrol teams trained to detect intruders, prevent intrusion and protect properties. A handler and dog patrol security team is just as effective as five security guards. So, if you need a dog patrol security company Kent, MEC Security is your best bet.

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Vacant property

Do you want to keep an eye on your vacant property while you’re away? MEC Security helps you ward off criminals and trespassers who may target your property for robbery or vandalization. At MEC Security, we offer inspection services, house keys security and alarm responses as part of our vacant property security services Kent.

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VIP close protection security

Notable personalities like entertainers, celebrities, business tycoons, politicians and other high-profile individuals deal with security concerns daily. This explains why they need security by their side to ensure they are safe everywhere they go. MEC is known as a leading Kent security company that offers 24/7 VIP security services. We ensure privacy and security as we discharge our duties.

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Party & event security

With the right security team in place, you can ensure your large parties and events go well with no incidents. The security team at Mec Security helps you see to the safety of guests and everyone at your events.

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CCTV, security locks, installation

Manned security is sometimes not enough. You need some security equipment to complement the presence of trained security personnel. MEC Security offers CCTV services, security locks, installation and alarm systems. We know that these systems provide extra layers of security for your property. Thus, we make them available as part of our offerings.

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Security services in Kent

Why work with us

Being a security company that has been certified to be one of the leading security companies in Kent and a trusted and reliable building site security Kent, MEC Security offers well-trained and professional security teams. Our years of experience in the business and the notable clientele that we have built over the years speak for us.

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Tested & accredited security in Kent

MEC Security has a strong presence in Kent, indicating its reliability and trustworthiness as a Kent security company. Contact us today, and we’ll bring our secure touch to your property or facility alongside our fully accredited and SIA-approved licensed security personnel.

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We are a recognised UK security company providing services in Essex, Brentwood, London and Kent.
Some of the services that we offer include;
Party and Event Bouncers, Car Meet Prevention and Concierge Security in London

Our UK VIP security chauffeur services are also available in Essex and London.
We also provide assistance for close protection in Essex & security chauffeurs in London.

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