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Security company in london

Security Company London

Welcome to MEC Security.

MEC Security, a leading security company in London, stands out among the city's top security companies. Our SIA approved security guards ensure unparalleled protection for your assets.

As a trusted London security company, we prioritise safety and deliver tailored security solutions. With a commitment to excellence, MEC Security has earned its place among the leading security companies. Our team combines expertise and advanced technology to provide comprehensive security services in London. Choose us for reliable protection, making us your preferred security company in London.

Professional Security Services in London

Manned guarding

We’ll provide 24-hour manned guarding service in London and areas that span all around the UK. If it’s highly experienced and fully trained professionals you need, then you’ve come to the right place. They know everything there is to know and will be a reliable unit for you. They’ve covered many jobs in a variety of different fields, so they know exactly how to behave based on the situation(s).

If you feel as though your current security setup isn’t quite reaching the standard that you set, then you can give us a call and upgrade what you have. Your property may be prone to break-ins or attract all kinds of trouble, MEC security will deter and remove all kinds of issues.

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Security dogs

Guard dogs are necessary for so many different occasions. We are a company that is experienced in guard dog security. We can provide handler teams and general-purpose patrol dog teams. If you want to detect trespassers, then we have the ability to make that happen. A guard dog with a handler can be as effective as five security guards, so it’s worth thinking about further.

The dogs are well trained and will know when the presence of intruders is felt. Due to their incredible sense of sight, smell, and hearing, they’ll be able to catch out even the stealthiest of criminals.

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Concierge security

Those in hotels, restaurants and other similar places will know all about the help that is needed to ensure things go swimmingly. We have concierge security that will protect people you have on your property as they look to book reservations and all types of events. We have plenty of experience in watching over these kinds of instances.

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Event security

We all know that things can get a little complicated (and even a little rowdy) at different kinds of events. If people aren’t guided through certain parts or policed in the right way, problems can arise. Hiring us will alleviate those problems as our experienced team will know how to keep things under control.

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Mobile security

It’s not all about maintaining a solid presence. We can also provide patrols that will watch over everything while in a mobile unit. Scanning areas in marked security vehicles can be extremely effective and can put a stop to problems you may be having. It’s extremely cost-effective and can be a solution to a short-notice situation.

We can patrol throughout London but also all over the country if necessary.

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Vacant property security

In this time, there are many, many properties that are left completely empty as they wait on particular pieces of business to be done. Commercial and residential buildings can be damaged or squatted in for months if left unattended for too long. We have plenty of experience in watching out for vacant properties and making sure things are kept in the right condition.

We can install temporary alarm systems that are linked to our control centre, if you wish.

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VIP security

You never know what might happen in this world. There are plenty of dangerous people and situations that anyone could find themselves in. If you’re a person in the public eye and feel as though you need a little more protection than others, then MEC could be the team for you. Politicians, celebrities, and any other persons of interest can be guarded by our trained and experienced staff.

We have worked with sportsmen and women, corporate VIPs, and many more who just want the attention to be taken away for a little while. We limit danger and remove any kind of issues from their presence.

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24hr private security services in London

24-Hour security company in london

Working with MEC Security will mean you’ll be getting the best kind of protection regarding your current situation. We have heaps of experience and have most likely seen instances like the ones you’re hoping to put right.

We meet the British Standard and pride ourselves on appearance, competence, and being able to work through the most testing of situations.

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Should you be looking for an approved security company in London or the surrounding areas, look no further than our professional and diligent team. Get in touch with us today on 01277 376080 or email us at to begin your security journey. We can tailor the services and methods to your requests and preferences.

Service coverage

MEC Security, an SIA approved contractor, extends its comprehensive security services across key towns and boroughs of London. Our experienced security guards, certified by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), provide reliable protection in areas including Barking, Dagenham, Barnet, Bexley, Bromley, Camden, Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith, Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea.

With a focus on excellence, MEC Security ensures safety and peace of mind. Choose us for professional security services, where our SIA-approved security guards bring expertise and reliability to safeguard your assets, making us a trusted name in the security industry.

Various security services include - security dog services in London, VIP security services in London, vacent property security in London, traveller eviction services in London, sniffer dog services in London, security patrols in London, manned guarding security services in London, concierge security guard services in London, close protection security and chauffeuring services to clients across London.

If you are interested in using our reliable team to keep your sites safe, contact us today. We can provide you with a FREE quote and competitive pricing. Call us today to see if we can help in an area near you!

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MEC Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services.