Sniffer Dogs – Security, Training and Facts

Sniffer dogs (or detection dogs) are brought in to detect certain scents and alert their handlers to them. Dogs are wonderful in that they’re able to use their sense of smell to determine what is and what isn’t. They’re able to snuff out particular items that should not be in one’s possession. They’re also able to find certain individuals that may be in hiding. 

Sniffer dogs are trained to identify drugs, explosives, firearms, cash, and all kinds of other evidence/contraband. 

Sniffer Dog Breeds 

There are so many different breeds of dogs around and many can be used as useful sniffer dogs. The most in-demand, however, tend to be retrievers, spaniels, German Shepherds, Border Collies, and the Belgian Malinois.

Sniffer Dog Training 

It takes a bit of time for dogs to become experts in this kind of task, as you’d imagine. 

Sniffer Dog Training

You’ll firstly choose a toy that the dog loves. Most of the time, it’s a towel or rag with no scent at all. The dog will become attached to the object and look to seek it out all of the time. You’ll then put drugs (or whatever scent you’re looking for) in the toy. The dog will then learn this new smell and associate the smell with the toy. You’ll then hide the toy in various places – and the dog will use their sense of smell to find the hidden toy. 

Their sense of smell can be up to 100,000 times greater than any human being, so it’s a very powerful tool. Once the dog finds the toy, you’ll reward them with a treat. Over time, you’ll slowly increase the difficulty by hiding the toy in more difficult places. They’ll become more adept at finding them. You’ll leave them in hard-to-reach areas for maximum results. 

Because of this method, the dog will be keen to find the toy more and more as they’ll hope to get the reward that they crave. 

What Are Sniffer Dogs Used For?

There are many different instances in which sniffer dogs are necessary. Here are some of the most common reasons, however:


Any event of significance needs to have security and solid infrastructure. The problem is that there are so many variables. This means it is extremely hard to police certain aspects. Concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, and so many other kinds of events can bypass human error. The likelihood of drugs being apparent is very high, and it’s difficult to police this kind of crime. Sniffer dogs and handlers will be able to snuff out a high percentage of illegalities taking place at these events. 

They’ll likely work along the line and at the entrances in order to avoid people from even making their way into the event – thus, making the place safer for all involved. 

Airport Security 

Airport Dog Security

Unfortunately, a lot of awfully shady and problematic issues happen at airports. We’ve experienced terrorist activities and drug trafficking through airports in recent times. This means we need plenty of tight security and advanced security measures. Sniffer dogs are available at airports in order to detect all kinds of illegal items such as explosives and drugs.

They’ll sniff the likes of hand luggage and even the passengers themselves. If someone reports a suspicious package, sniffer dogs will be sent in to find out what might be there.


Prisons seem like a play that would be swept clean of drugs and any other kinds of contraband. This isn’t the case, though. They continue to be a serious issue in these establishments and prison officers have to battle this every single day. Drugs, weapons, phones, and all kinds of items are smuggled in all of the time. 

Sniffer dogs are able to detect illegal substances from getting in. They’re also able to snuff them out if they have been smuggled into the premises. The visiting area is the main culprit, so the dogs will be most active in this area.

How Good Are Sniffer Dogs?

Based on how trained the sniffer dogs are, they’ll produce different results. Even the best and most reliable dogs will not achieve 100% results, however. It’s simply not possible as errors will be made along the way. They are typically around 80% correct, though. Again, this depends entirely on the ability of the dog in question. 

How Long Can Sniffer Dogs Work? 

It’s said that sniffer dogs should be working in intervals. The best method is typically twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off. They need a break and the quality of results is improved during this system. 

Sniffer Dog Facts

– Sniffer dogs that are trained are not only able to figure out certain smells. They’re also about to find particular smells that are masked by other scents. This is because they smell in layers. This extraordinary talent means they’re very thorough when it comes to sniffing out all kinds of target scents. 

– Their sense of smell is 100,000 better than that of humans, as we’ve mentioned before. But even the least effective dogs have a sense of smell that is around 10,000 great than ours. This means all dogs are so much more accurate than us at searching areas. 

– Using dogs for modern policing reasons isn’t a new, fresh, and inventive idea. Research shows that people thousands of years ago were applying the exact technique. Persians, Babylonians, and Greeks are all noted as doing so. They were used as security as well as rescue missions. 

– Sniffer dogs are fantastic at detective bombs, too. 

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