What is VIP Protection and Do You Need It?

In a world where threats are as dynamic as they are prevalent, the safety of high net worth individuals and corporate executives is a priority that cannot be ignored. Security is much more than a necessity; it’s an industry brimming with complexities, technologies, and, most importantly, human protection. Browsing through…


What is Corporate Security?

In the rapidly evolving corporate world, protecting a company’s assets has never been more critical. Corporate security is an overarching term that encompasses the strategies, methods, and measures employed to safeguard a business’s physical, financial, intellectual, and human assets. In today’s competitive landscape, the importance of ensuring the safety and…


What Security Guards Can and Can’t Do

In today’s fast-paced world, the role of security guards has never been more crucial. They are often the first line of defence in protecting property, assets, and people. However, there is sometimes confusion about what security guards can and can’t do legally. This guide aims to clear up any misconceptions…


MEC Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services.