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Fly Grazing Livestock Removal UK

Fly Grazing Livestock Removal

In 2018, in just 1, 436 welfare concerns there were 7,500 involving horses. And, a report in 2015 stated that there were 3,000+ horses being fly-grazed in the UK.

The Control of Horses Act 2015 is essential because fly-grazing, abandoned and stray horses cause difficulties for landowners, members of the public and the horses themselves.

Unfortunately you as the landowner are responsible for the animal's welfare while it is grazed illegally on your property.

Prevent Illegal Animal Grazing

Fly Grazing Animals

MEC Security can take care of your fly grazing animals. We use drones to inspect the property, so we have the full scope of the issues and can employ the best removal tactics, including guidance on:

  • Detaining the horse or horses on-site
  • Health and safety risk assessment
  • Horse welfare check including food and water
  • Notify the police and other required authorities within 24 hours
  • Serve the statutory notices to the owner and on the site
  • Take photographs of the horses and notices as proof
  • Handle any calls that come due to the notice
  • Handle people who claim to be the owner

If the horse(s) aren't removed after the statutory time limit, we will arrange for the horses to be removed from the site. They will be taken to livery storage, new owners, sold at public auction, given to a specialist horse charity.

Service Coverage

We offer an services for the removal of people and animals from private property, these services include;
Fly Grazing Livestock Removal, Squatter Eviction and Tenant Eviction.

Our traveller eviction services are available in areas all throughout the UK including;
Essex, Kent and London.

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