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Category: Security

What Is Manned Guarding?

Manned Guarding

Unauthorized access to premises or locations is always going to be a challenge in communities. Preventing disorder in a society is a duty that everyone should take up. But the reality is that not everyone can and has the time to respond to security breaches. New technologies and surveillance cameras have made it impossible for […]

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10 Most Dangerous Boroughs In London

places in london

“Is London dangerous?” “How dangerous is London?” These are common questions that anyone visiting London for the first time asks. Perhaps you just got a job transfer, or you want to visit London, and the rumours hint that it’s a bad place. While there are several safe areas in London, there are also some dangerous […]

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The Basics of Forfeiture of Lease Explained


Perhaps you may be thinking of forfeiting your lease to deal with a problematic tenant, or maybe your landlord is taking steps toward ejecting you from the leased premises? It is essential at this point for either party to understand the basics of forfeiture of a lease, to prevent the tampering of rights, and to […]

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