Project ARGUS: A NaCTSO Counter Terrorism Testing & Exercising Initiative

In troubling times where terrorism is a major concern for both the population and security services, the most powerful weapon is not a firearm or a weapon – it’s knowledge.

If you’re concerned about the safety and security of you, your business and your staff, then it’s important to learn how you can stay safe and also be more aware of terrorist activities and this is why Project ARGUS was created.

What is Project Argus?

Project ARGUS is counter terrorism initiative that is developed by National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) and delivered by Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSAs) throughout the UK..

It’s a three-hour multimedia simulation that focuses on different questions and dilemmas related to terrorism. It is targeted towards people that are in a position of power in their businesses (such as a manager or foreman) so they can learn the proper way to react to a terrorist incident, and also to raise awareness on the threat of terrorism. It provides advice that helps to prevent, handle and recover from potential attacks that will directly or indirectly involve you and your business.

Project ARGUS events are free of charge so there’s no cost involved. They are interactive though, so the audience is expected to participate in each session. Expert groups will be in attendance and this usually consists of emergency services representatives, local authorities and specialist agencies. Participants can ask these expert groups questions and voice their concerns. This is great for anyone that has further questions about subjects, or if they have a concern that was not addressed during the meeting.

Who Is Project ARGUS Designed For?

Project ARGUS is designed primarily for managers in sectors such as office and retail, hotels, educational facilities, health centres and night time economy. It’s ideal for leaders and people in positions of power within their business or premises. This is because much of the information gained from attending a Project ARGUS session is aimed to help you formulate response plans and also execute them should a disaster occur.

However, Project ARGUS is open to any member of staff from a business or facility due to the nature of a terrorist attack. There are many situations where the leading member of staff could be unable to manage or carry out a disaster plan, which is why it’s important for more people to learn the proper measures to take when faced with a terrorist incident.

This means that even if you have personally attended and learned from a Project ARGUS session, other members of staff from your business are also eligible and are encouraged to attend so that more people understand how to deal with the threat of a terrorist incident.

What Can You Expect From Project ARGUS?

Attendees will be taken through a terrorist attack using a multi-media simulation. You’ll be working together with others in small syndicate groups in order to answer questions and challenges that are given to you by the event coordinator. Using these questions, you’ll work together in a team to develop your attack response and ultimately learn the correct way to deal with the threat of a terrorist attack.

Sessions will last approximately three hours but there will be opportunities to take coffee breaks. Throughout the session, you’ll be given chances to ask the experts questions in the event you’re unclear about something or if you need further advice. Sessions will also include talks about terrorist firearms and the weapons they use to conduct their attacks to increase awareness of their methods.

Why It’s Important to Attend a Project Argus Session

Project ARGUS highlights the importance of being prepared in the event of a terrorist incident. The threat is real and should not be avoided by any means. We all know that we need some way to respond to these threats should they fallen upon our business premises, but we don’t know the proper way to act in order to stay safe and calm. Project ARGUS teaches us the knowledge we need in order to keep those around us safe. As mentioned before, the most important weapon we have at our disposal is knowledge.

Attending a Project ARGUS meeting only takes three hours, but you will leave with knowledge that will become vital should an incident affect your premises. The simulation provides you a great opportunity to learn how to protect those around you, hence its importance. You will need to book an appointment to attend a Project ARGUS simulation, but the knowledge is well worth the wait.

Please contact your local Police Force to find out more about Project Griffin and Project ARGUS in your area.

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