How To Hire A Bodyguard?

Security of lives and properties is vital in any organisation or area, and a bodyguard can keep you safe from dangerous situations and people. But is a bodyguard only a muscle-bound man or woman? How do you hire a bodyguard, and what criteria should you look out for? Continue reading…


What Is Manned Guarding?

Unauthorized access to premises or locations is always going to be a challenge in communities. Preventing disorder in a society is a duty that everyone should take up. But the reality is that not everyone can and has the time to respond to security breaches. New technologies and surveillance cameras…


10 Most Dangerous Boroughs In London

“Is London dangerous?” “How dangerous is London?” “Is London a safe place to visit?” These are common questions that anyone visiting London for the first time might have. Perhaps you’ve accepted a new job, or you want to visit London as a tourist, the many reports of street crime broadcast…


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