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10 Most Dangerous Boroughs In London

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“Is London dangerous?” “How dangerous is London?” These are common questions that anyone visiting London for the first time asks. Perhaps you just got a job transfer, or you want to visit London, and the rumours hint that it’s a bad place. While there are several safe areas in London, there are also some dangerous places. Hence, the reason it is good to know these places ahead of your travel.

If your destination falls in our list of the most dangerous places in London, then we can help you prepare. Even though these places are best avoided, the updated information here can be useful to you if you must visit.

Here, you will find out the common crimes that are attached to these boroughs. With the knowledge, you know what to expect, and how best to avoid any troubles. Below is the list of the common top 10 most dangerous areas in London:


Home To Several Historic Landmarks

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Westminster is one of the best tourist destinations in London. We are talking about the city that houses Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, West End, Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral, and Oxford Street. However, London’s beating heart is shockingly one of the roughest areas of London! While it holds an alarming influx of tourists in addition to its initially large population, it is still dangerous. The area is known for high crimes in London.

Westminster has led the list of most dangerous places in London for two consecutive years. As reported by the Metropolitan Police, from June 2017 to June 2018 Westminster was the worst borough in London. During that interval, a total of 14,351 acts of violence were recorded. Unfortunately, this custom has continued in 2019.

The coherent reason for the high crimes in this particular area of London is due to its exquisiteness. To be candid, there are numerous invaluable properties, including the Houses of Parliament, located in the area. Hence, why the area is a target for criminals. Now, it is easy to comprehend how it is one of the dangerous places in London.

Furthermore, tourists prove to be a vulnerable mark for petty thieves in the city. Of the 66,438 offences recorded in Westminster, 37,315 were thefts. Even with holding the title for tourist city of London, Westminster is quite dangerous.


A Blend Of Two Worlds

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The appealing Newham was fashioned from two Essex County districts named West Ham and East Ham. Newham incorporates the Olympic Park as well as the London Stadium just 5 miles east of London. The East End of London is not only the worst area in it but also the next most dangerous. This place is so dangerous that the gossip is it has a low life expectancy. Asides from high crimes, this London area is immersed in debts and poverty.

Nevertheless, the district has numerous appealing sites like:

  • Queens Market
  • Green Street
  • Stratford Centre
  • Theater Royal Stratford East
  • Stratford Circus Arts Centre

Despite the pleasant places, you should evade areas such as Manor Park, Custom House, Stratford, Canning Town and Forest Gate.

In 2018, there was a whopping record of 38,995 crimes and 11,710 violence in Newham. These records placed the area as one of the worst boroughs in London. Although theft is the most rampant crime, there is a litany of homicides like shootings and stabbings.


An Extension Of The Inner London


Camden is an inner city in London renowned for its trendiness and musical influence. In the past, Camden Town was dilapidated, but over the years, it has become developed. Now, the urban area is often visited for its memorable events, including alternative culture. Other appealing sites are:

  • Welcome Collection
  • Camden Market
  • The Catacombs of London
  • Sir John Soane’s Museum
  • Dickens House
  • London Zoo
  • Electric Ballroom

Camden is the subsequent most dangerous area in London after Newham. 2018 recorded a sum of 38,944 offences with theft holding about half of the total. This district is typically safe except for petty crimes such as sneak thief and mugging. The most dangerous places in London have inner-areas you should avoid altogether. For Camden, it is cross north of Regent’s Canal towards Kentish Town.


The Dark Side Of The Beloved  City That Is Unknown To You

Carlos Delgado [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Southwark is located across the Thames from London and is a neighbouring district of Lambeth. The famous city is loved for the Shard, Globe Theater, the Imperial War Museum and the Tate Modern. However, many are unaware of how dangerous this London town is. According to the statistics, just a few miles south of the river lies one of the most dangerous areas in London.

In 2018, there were a total of 38,559 crimes recorded in the city. It’s mostly places like Peckham, Borough and Bankside that make this London town dangerous. Southwark contains some of the major high crime areas in London. In February 2019, London Bridge and West Bermondsey observed 355 crimes alone.


Densely Populated Yet Crime-ridden

trolvag [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In central Lambeth, there are sightsee-worthy places like:

  • Lambeth Palace
  • London Eye
  • Oval cricket grounds
  • National Theatre

Lambeth isn’t rough, unlike other dangerous areas in London. However, the average of the high crimes in this London town is no different from the other areas. It is only via the statistics that you can realise how dangerous this London town is.

Brixton is an area in Lambeth that is responsible for approximately a third of Lambeth’s total crime. Furthermore, Lambeth once held the highest number of drug possession cases among the London Boroughs. Also, in the past year, Lambeth filed a total of 37,976 crimes. Lastly, you will do well avoiding places such as Tulse Hill and Stockwell in Lambeth.


The 1965 Merge Is Divided By Knife Crimes

Jim [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Tower Hamlets is your typical weekend getaway city. It is the result of the 1965 combination of Stepney, Poplar and Bethnal Green. This London borough has gradually become one of the most dangerous places. This place is a part of London that is critical because the offenders mostly indulge in knife crimes. Between November 2017 to November 2018 there were 11,512 violent crimes recorded there. In total, there were 35,829 crimes in the area which ranks it as a dangerous area in London. Violent crimes include:

  • Murder
  • Common assault
  • Harassment
  • Assault with injury
  • Use of an offensive weapon
  • Wounding

The top places to elude because they are most dangerous to Tower Hamlets, London inhabitants are:

  • Whitechapel
  • Bethnal Green
  • St Peter’s


A City Sitting On The Fence & Low On Defense


Haringey is a district in North London that lies between Inner London and Outer London. The origin of gangs in London areas is part of what makes it dangerous and causes most of the high crimes. Haringey is home to two gangs which are Tottenham’s N17 and Wood Green’s N22. Both cults chose Lordship Lane as their battlefield.

As far back as 2014, Haringey was referred to as the knife crime capital of London. It accumulated 33,476 crimes in the past year only, where most offenders were youths. However, this doesn’t ultimately make it the worst borough in London.

Perhaps, it being the poorest district in London explains the high crime areas that seem to be rampant. Haringey has its milestones nonetheless. They include:

  • Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
  • Bruce Castle
  • Alexandra Palace
  • Jacksons Lane


Gang Complications

Photo © Jaggery (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Brent once held the dubious title ‘gun crime capital of the UK.’ It is stationed in the northwest of central London outside of the London Borough. There are dangerous places in London, but in Brent are the most damaging areas. For example, Stonebridge and Church End in Brent have suffered at the hands of the Yardie gangs.

The recent stats are so outrageous that Brent is now regarded as one of the most dangerous areas in London. Thirty-three thousand four hundred and forty-six crimes, including 11,374 cases of violence, put Brent on the list of most dangerous parts of London. Finally, Brent contains important places like Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena, and the Neasden Temple.


Gang-gang Dilemma


Croydon like most London boroughs, is dangerous due to gang-related problems. However, unlike other parts of London that have places of interest and attraction, Croydon is mostly bland. The high level of violent crime in this London area might be the only remarkable thing about it. Youth violence, which results in knife crimes, is a major problem in Croydon. There were 33,410 reported crimes in the whole of 2018. It previously ranked as the worst borough in London, mainly because of the knife crimes.


The Inside Life

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Hackney is an Inner London borough which consists of East London and North London. According to a University of Westminster research, Hackney was the second most dangerous place to be a pedestrian in London. The high rate of crime in this London area has witnessed a gradual decline, however. Hopefully, there will be lesser offences after a total of 33,381 crimes in the last year. The major crimes are theft and handling, which makes this London borough dangerous. Hackney’s places of interest are the Petticoat Market, Victoria, Albert, and Hackney Empire Museum.

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