Buy Private Security? Benefits of Using an Approved Security Contractor

If it’s business protection you need, then it’s going to take more than a couple of CCTV cameras and a burglar alarm to help you secure your business. Whether you operate a store or something more elaborate such as a factory, it’s important that you consider all of the exploitable things of your property and fix them as soon as possible to prevent someone from breaking in or stealing your goods.

However, most people assume that a sophisticated camera system is all you need to overcome adversity. Sadly, this is rarely ever the case and you’ll find yourself struggling to keep your business safe unless there are humans guarding it. This is why choosing a security contractor can be such a huge boon to your business. It’s far more trustworthy than a computer system and, in most cases, can’t be exploited like a digital system.

But many of these advantages can be offered by regular security contractors, so what makes an approved security contractor worth your time? There are many defining factors that put approved security contractors well above the level of regular security contractors. Between their commitment to service and willingness to adapt to new changes in the industry, approved security contractors should be the only services on your mind when you need to protect yourself or your property.

According to the regulator’s guide to buying private security, here are some benefits to keep in mind when hiring an approved security contractor and why they excel over average security contractors.

Bespoke Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Security contractors often cover a wide variety of disciplines and roles. With so many bases to cover, it’s important to ensure that the security contractor you hire has the skills and experience to match your needs. Approved security contractors offer high degrees of customisation and you’re encouraged to make use of these services. Instead of just being given a list of services that they can offer you, an approved security contractor is more than happy to listen to your requests so they can give you a bespoke solution to your troubles.

Becoming an approved security contractor is actually voluntary, which means that companies can choose to do so for a variety of benefits. This guarantees that the company you work for is adaptable to changes in the industry, and this means that they will give you the same swift and flexible change that you need in the event your requirements shift. To put it simply, approved contractors are always at the forefront of innovation and leadership which gives you peace of mind when trusting them with your security.

Confident, Flexible and Trained Staff

Approved security contractors only employ the most confident, flexible and trained staff. This guarantees that you’ll not only get excellent service, but also service that can match your needs. No matter what you need to protect your business, security contractors will have all of the tools and staff to match your requirements. Staff are also trained in a variety of different disciplines. From narcotics detection to close protection and K9 dog patrols, security contractors can cover virtually any requirement that you have.

Security contractors also employ the most confident staff in the industry. It’s hard to entrust the safety of your business to a team that isn’t trained or doesn’t know how to handle dangerous situations, which is why it’s imperative to hire well-trained, experienced and confident security staff. In short, approved security contractors are committed to providing you with the best service possible and strive to meet every demand you have.

Another reason for an approved contractor’s flexibility is due to their special dispensation to deploy staff who have not yet earned their SIA licence. Non-approved contractors can only deploy staff to the field that physically have an SIA licence or else it is considered a criminal offence. Approved contractors do not need their staff to have an SIA licence in order to work under their name. Although this sounds questionable, there’s a good reason for this.

Approved contractors can deploy staff who have finished their training and are currently waiting for their SIA licence application to be processed and approved. This means that you’ll never be forced to compromise during periods of high security demand or if you have a specialised requirement such as a long-term contract or short notice need. In addition, an approved security contractor would never deploy staff that they saw unfit to protect you or your property because it could reflect poorly on their licence and ultimately be put at risk of losing their approved status.

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