Benefits of Void Property Security to Prevent Squatters | Infographic

A home can be empty for several reasons. Some homes are empty because their owners have put them up for sale, some are empty because their owners already own another home and some homes can even be empty because of legal reasons.

Void Property Security

What’s for sure though is that every one of those empty homes is vulnerable to crimes like squatting, theft and vandalism. Various estimates put the number of empty homes in the UK at more than 600,000. If you are the owner of an empty property in London and want to keep it safe from intrusion and damage, go for void property security in London.

Squatting is routinely listed among the biggest concerns of property owners in London. Although the exact figure for London is not available, the total number of squatters in the UK is estimated to be more than 25,000. Squatting is a crime that has a distinctly urban nature to it. Which is why it’s safe to assume that most squatters lurk around in large cities like London.

Squatting also imposes a sizable cost burden on the property owner. From clearing and removing all rubbish and waste in the house to paying legal fees, replacing locks and doors and carrying out routine repairs, the expenditure can add up quickly unless and until you do something about the squatting.

Squatters Eviction

This is where squatter removal services come in. A firm providing squatters eviction in London can get rid of squatters from your property. How does it do that? Manned security services evict every single squatter that is occupying your property. All evictions are carried out legally and ethically.

While squatter eviction services are useful, a lot of homeowners these days are opting for vacant property management services. These services enter the picture after your property has been freed of squatters. Your property is thoroughly cleaned and all the rubbish and waste is cleared. You can pick and choose from a bouquet of property management services and ensure your property is never squatted upon again in the future.

There are several benefits to choosing a management and security service for your property. First up, you save a considerable sum of money by avoiding the need to invest in a full suite of security products. The property management firm also maintains your property regularly, including airing and cleaning it. That, along with the fact that squatters will never occupy your property again, ensures your property retains its market value over the years. Finally, the insurance premium you’d pay for your property reduces significantly if it’s cared for by a property management firm. That’s because insurance for ‘unoccupied’ properties is more expensive than occupied ones.

If you own a property in London, the threats of vandalism, theft and squatting are ever-present. The lattermost factor can impose a substantial financial burden, not to mention the emotional upheavals one goes through when evicting squatters from their property.

You can free yourself from all those worries and unnecessary costs by hiring a vacant property security and maintenance service. If you’d like to know more about what this service entails and how much it costs, do get in touch with us. MEC Security is a leading provider of security services in Essex and London. In addition to void property security and management, our other offerings include manned security services, close protection chauffeur services, VIP security services and CCTV security services.

Benefits of Void Property Security

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