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Specialist Eviction Services
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Traveller Eviction Services

Are you a private landowner, property manager, or local authority agent dealing with the upkeep and maintenance of fields and other areas of land? Do you have a traveller community living at a location for which you are responsible?

Our experts have a wealth of experience in getting rid of those unwanted guests using Magistrates Warrants or Orders for Possession. We can also use some subtle persuasion in the form of legal letters and visits to the site while your case moves through the courts.

Traveller Eviction Services
Squatters Eviction Services

Squatters Eviction Services

Squatters and other unwanted tenants can become a real issue for landlords, property owners, and investors who don’t know the correct manner for dealing with the situation.

The number of cases reaching the courts involving squatters has increased during the last few years, and so those responsible for empty homes and houses around the country need a team of experienced experts fighting in their corner.

Eviction Services in Essex & London

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