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Sniffer Dogs Kent

Sniffer Dogs Kent

Sniffer dogs have been used for many years to help detect things that humans cannot easily find. This is owing to dogs exceptional sense of smell and that they can be trained to sniff out a variety of things, including drugs, explosives, and even people.

Our canine units are also experty trained in the detection of weapons, explosives and drugs. Our sniffer dogs services are available in;
Essex, Kent and London.

We provide a wide range of services involving the dispatching of handling of trained canine units. Our security dogs are available in areas including;
Essex, Kent and London.

Explosive Detection Dog hire

The advantages of using sniffer and search dogs Kent

The benefits of using sniffer dogs are numerous: they are fast, efficient, and non-intrusive. They can also cover large areas quickly and effectively. In addition, dogs are less likely than humans to miss something that they are looking for as they are trained to ignore distractions and focus their attention on tracking their target. Police forces use sniffer dogs in a variety of situations, such as search and rescue operations, drug raids, and missing persons cases. The dogs have helped to find many people who would otherwise not have been found. In recent years, they have also started using sniffer dogs to detect fake ID cards. The dogs are able to smell the difference between a real ID card and a fake one. This is a valuable tool in combating crime, as fake ID cards are often used by criminals to obtain products or services that they would not be able to get otherwise.
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Other industries who rely on sniffer detection dog teams

The use of sniffer dogs is not limited to the police force. They are also used in a variety of other industries:

Search dogs in airports help to detect drugs, explosives, weapons and other contraband.

The food industry
They are also employed in the food industry to sniff out pests and contaminants.

Festivals and public gatherings
At large public gatherings, such as festivals and concerts, dogs are sometimes used to help detect drugs and other illegal substances.

There are many industries that can benefit from the use of sniffer dogs. Any industry that requires the detection of things that are hidden or difficult to find would be a good candidate for using these animals. Sniffer dogs have proven themselves to be invaluable tools in a variety of situations and will continue to be so in the future.

Drug & Explosive Detection Dogs Kent

At MEC security, we provide a range of drug and explosive search dogs that are specially trained to find these substances. Our drug detection dogs and professional dog handlers are some of the best in the business and have a proven track record of success.

All of our team has previous experience and are fully trained in advising customers on which search dog would be the best fit for their requirements.

If you have any questions about our dog team or want to find out more about how we can assist you with your job, don't hesitate to contact us today -- the team at MEC are always more than happy to help.

Where our dogs can be employed

There's no environment where a dog's nose fails to work. We regularly deploy our dogs for detecting in the following areas:

  • Building sniffer dog

    Every dog on the MEC team can masterfully scour buildings of any size and complexity, honing in on what they have been deployed to find and navigating multiple floors in the process.

  • Vehicle sniffer dog

    Vehicles can be adapted and modified to store all manner of narcotics, weapons and other illegal matter. However, no hidden compartment of false casing is beyond the reach of our canine's remarkable sense of smell. When they come searching, it will be found.

  • Luggage and Baggage sniffer dog

    Our dogs can quickly check through luggage, handbags and even envelopes to ensure that no banned substances or contraband are inside.

  • Aircraft sniffer dog

    Our search dogs teams are trained to detect in aircraft, both for the cargo and the subtleties of the air-frame itself.

All our search dog teams undertake continual training by an approved trainer, this allows the dogs to be trained to detect new explosive scent and work in any environment.

Drug Dog Hire in Kent

Why choose MEC dog handlers for scent detection dogs Kent?

Cost effective and wide-ranging security solutions

For a fast, reliable and cost effective solution to your security requirements look no further than MEC Security. We provide our services to both the public and private sector throughout Kent.

Highly qualified and professional dog handlers

Every MEC dog handler holds SIA approved contractor status and has years of experience in working with dogs. They are all highly trained in search techniques and will work tirelessly to find whatever it is you need them to.

All of our handlers follow the Guard Dog Act 1975, and all of our dogs are trained in controlled aggression and perpetrator restraint techniques.

Our dogs are loved members of the team and, despite their professional training, can be around even the most nervous dogs and members of the public.

A service entirely tailored to your needs

Those seeking provision of security guarding services in Kent can be sure they will receive a bespoke service from MEC. We listen to our clients needs, then deliver the exact security solution required.

Fully insured

Our team and dogs are fully insured to search and detect on your premises without posing a risk to anyone else.

We also provide a comprehensive range of security services, including:

For a free, no-obligation quote, please don't hesitate to contact us today. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a competitive quote.

MEC Security - your first choice for security in Kent!

Service Coverage

Our canine units are also experty trained in the detection of weapons, explosives and drugs. Our sniffer dogs services are available in;
Essex, Kent and London.

We provide a wide range of services involving the dispatching of handling of trained canine units. Our security dogs are available in areas including;
Essex, Kent and London.

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