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Security Dogs Kent

Security Dogs in Kent

When it comes to protecting your house, business, or possessions, you can choose from a wide variety of modern choices. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the technological advancements being made in the security industry, but what about the more tried-and-true methods?

In terms of safety, dogs have long been and will continue to be an established solution. Aside from the obvious health and happiness benefits, they can also serve as a considerably more personable alternative to traditional security alarms and alerts.

If you feel that K9 security Kent is something you would benefit from, MEC Security can certainly help. We are experts in canine security Kent as well as guard dog patrols. We offer experienced dog handlers with their expertly trained animals. Our staff are SIA licensed, ensuring you know they know just what to do. Plus, we have high levels of insurance, and we offer competitive pricing. It’s clear that if you need a guard dog patrol Kent, MEC Security are the people to call.

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Security Guard Dog Patrols In Kent

Why might you need the help of a dog patrol security company Kent? The answer is simple; dogs make the ideal security system. Why is this?

To begin with, dogs can cover large areas quickly, meaning that even on big building sites or properties with lots of land, you can stay safe and secure. An inquisitive dog will investigate any unexpected people, sounds, or movements by sniffing them out and potentially barking at them. If you get the correct breed, they'll be trustworthy and intelligent enough to make good decisions under pressure.

Don’t forget that dogs can also react and move very quickly; trespassers will more easily be caught or caused away. Dogs pose a physical threat due to their intimidating combination of growls, strong jaws, and sharp claws, even if their bark is worse than their bite. Intruders will likely assume the worst about a guard dog and believe it will be prepared to bite or attack if provoked.

There's no denying that dogs are powerful deterrents against wrongdoers. Trained guard canines not only look and sound menacing, but they are also able to outrun the vast majority of humans.

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Building Site Dog Patrols Kent

When it comes to building site security, what is it about dogs that makes the difference? To begin with, alarms and fences won’t stop the determined trespasser, and that could lead to expensive theft, damage, or even dangerous situations. With a dog to guard the site, it is unlikely anyone will be willing to trespass.

As a result, you can protect all of your important, expensive equipment and not have to delay your work – which also costs money – or claim on your insurance, which will put your premiums up in the future.

An added benefit is that by preventing trespassers and thieves by using building site patrol dogs Kent, you can ensure your health and safety protocols aren’t breached, which is a hugely important consideration when running a building site.

Benefits of Canine Security

MEC Security's control room is staffed around the clock, seven days a week, so they can keep an eye on your property and react quickly should any security issues arise. Our security dog and handler will arrive in marked vehicles and post suitable warning signs to alert anyone passing by that they are on your property. Under the Guard Dogs Act of 1975, we are able to provide you with a team consisting of a security dog and a qualified handler to keep your property safe.

Our entire team is certified in their respective fields and operates in compliance with British Standard 8517-1:2009 Part 1 and British Standard 8517-2:2010. Each of our employees receives formal instruction from verified industry professionals. Each certified handler is required to complete annual continuing education hours and pass a certification exam to guarantee that they are upholding the highest standards.

In the event of an attack or threat, our security dogs will defend their master and act in a controlled manner.

When it comes to apprehending intruders, having a trained security canine can make all the difference. Once seized, our security canine and handler are able to hold an offender with little or no struggle until the presence of the local police.

To prevent would-be burglars and thieves, all it takes is a glimpse of our security dog and the sound of their handler walking the premises.

Guard Dog Security by MEC Security

Guard dog patrols Kent are a tried and tested way to keep any site safe and secure. When you engage MEC Security to help you, you know you are getting high-quality security personnel, well-trained guard dogs, and we are competitively priced with extensive experience. Contact us today to find out more and for a free quote tailored to your security needs.

Our canine units are also experty trained in the detection of weapons, explosives and drugs. Our sniffer dogs services are available in;
Essex, Kent and London.

We provide a wide range of services involving the dispatching of handling of trained canine units. Our security dogs are available in areas including;
Essex, Kent, Birmingham and London.

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