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Security Guard Dogs London

Security Dogs London

Employing the use of security guard dogs in London offers you a security advantage which far outweighs having only manned patrol or surveillance on your site.

There’s a reason that police, the armed forces and other security personnel rely on the intuition and diligence of canines when carrying out essential operations. Dogs have an innate ability for detection and their fierce loyalty means they will protect a person, asset or property without hesitation. In fact, a single dog with its handler has been shown to be as effective as 5 security guards. This is because of their amplified sensory perception traits such as an acute sense of smell and precision hearing.

A properly trained dog security team bring an inexhaustible energy and lightning-quick reaction times. They’re adaptable and persistent and can respond to security breaches and alerts in an array of environments - easily navigating terrain that even the most footsure human would have difficulty with.

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Professional Dog Handlers London

MEC Security Services are fully-qualified and experienced security dog handlers in London. Our team have introduced dog patrols across many commercial premises, businesses and industrial estates.

All of our handlers adhere to the principles and guidelines as set out in the Guard Dog Act 1975 and all of our dogs are trained in controlled aggression, perpetrator restraint techniques. They are safe to be around the general public but provide a visible and intimidating deterrent for would-be thieves, trespassers and vandals.

Where to use dog security in London

Dogs are known to be adaptable and dependent. Their primal instincts and history of ferality means they can quickly acclimatise to new environments. Our dogs utilise their enhanced sight, hearing and sense of smell to make a quick and accurate assessment of potential threats.

Because of this versatility, security dogs have many applications in venues across London.

k9 security for stadiums in london

Protecting a stadium and the event taking place inside, with a security dog presence will eradicate anti-social behaviour and can be an effective means of crowd control or dispersal.

Warehouse guard dogs

Theft of metal and machinery is, unfortunately, a constant concern for those who operate in industries that use these materials and tools. Warehouse dog patrols effectively ward off thieves and can catch intruders should they manage to get onto your site.

guard dogs for shipyards & docks

Our security dog handlers and their companions can protect a premises on a 24 hour basis. The majority of shipyard thefts take place at night, and due to a dog’s ability to see, hear and smell even in the dark; they are an excellent choice for shipyard protection - preventing trespass, criminal damage and theft.

London city airport dog security

It’s no secret that dogs’ sense of smell is far far greater than ours. How much greater? Whereas we have 6 million scent receptors, they have a whopping 300 million! Being able to powerfully detect scents means they are able to alert their handlers of illicit substances or harmful chemicals that may be used with malicious intent - perfect for London airport security.

festival & event security dogs in london
Festivals & Events

Any event that attracts a large volume of people has the potential to spiral out of control. There is a chance of banned substances and items being smuggled in, and it can be hard to effectively monitor such a large space. As the saying goes “many hands make light work” and many paws make it even lighter! Dogs are excellent at keeping an eye on large open spaces and have a far wider range of detection than humans.

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Diplomatic Tasks

All of our dogs are trained to only respond when a threat or breach is detected. Otherwise, they are as friendly as a dog you may pass in the park. They are loyal and protective - going to great lengths to ensure their owners security and safety is never compromised. This can be used effectively in diplomatic situations, offering personal security to high-profile people and forming a shield and keeping unwanted attention at bay.

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Benefits of dog security

Due to their exceptional noses, spritely agility and reverberating bark - dogs are unmatched when it comes to detecting substances, detaining perpetrators and noisily deterring opportunists.

Dog security is also proven to reduce instances of:

  • Trespass
  • Criminal damage
  • Theft
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Personal security breach

Adding dogs to your current security set up or using them for a new security need is guaranteed to give you unrivaled protection and peace of mind.

Why choose MEC Security

MEC are security experts providing a huge range of solutions and services. We are fully-trained and wholly-qualified professionals who are insured to protect premises, events and individuals.

We have been offering security dog services for many years and have never disappointed a client with our specialist team of dogs and handlers.

Our breeds are carefully selected for their unique skills, speed and intimidating demeanour. We have sniffer dogs for identifying the existence of explosives and narcotics. Patrol dogs who are able to provide an audible and visual deterrent, chase and apprehend intruders and keep their owners safe and general purpose dogs for other security needs.

Call MEC today to arrange your dog security in London.

Service Coverage

Our canine units are also experty trained in the detection of weapons, explosives and drugs. Our sniffer dogs services are available in;
Essex, Kent and London.

We provide a wide range of services involving the dispatching of handling of trained canine units. Our security dogs are available in areas including;
Essex, Kent, Birmingham and London.

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