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Security Guard Dogs Birmingham

Security guard dogs Birmingham

When it comes to office protection, home guarding, and general security, there are so many options today. The vast amount of technological advancement in the security industry can be pretty overwhelming; however, what about the more conventional options?

Dogs have been and will continue to be a reliable security option for a very long time. They can be a far more approachable option for a security alarm or alert and have a number of benefits for their owners' health and well-being.

Infamous for their instantaneous response, most dogs that work in the security field react at the right time to potential threats. This quality makes them a living security alarm. So, you get a furry pet and a security alarm in one.

Birmingham security guard dogs

Professional dog handlers Birmingham

With more than two decades of working experience, MEC Security is a team of highly qualified and experienced security dog handlers in Birmingham.

We are aimed to provide you with premier dog security services at a minimal cost. Our team has worked with hundreds of government and private organisations. MEC Security Birmingham is committed to guarding residential and commercial properties, valuable assets, projects, and venues from trespass, vandalism, and theft.

At MEC we strictly operate under the Guard Dog Act 1975, providing you with reliable security dog and handler teams in Birmingham. Our highly skilled employees train the dogs; while they offer a visible and intimidating deterrent for potential thieves, trespassers, and vandals, they are safe to be around the general public.

Where to use dog security in Birmingham

Dogs are highly adaptable to new environments, and their primary instinct of ferality and loyalty makes them hard to deceive. Dogs take advantage of their intense sense of sight, hearing, and smell to avoid and protect from any potential threats.

Due to their enhanced versatility and compliance, security dogs have many applications in venues across Birmingham.

k9 security for stadiums in Birmingham

In order to safeguard attendees, players, event participants, staff, and the venue, stadiums and arenas require extensive security measures. Due to the increasing prevalence of explosive threats, an efficient security solution is required. In crowded areas, the utilisation of security dogs adds an additional layer of security and enhances the existing security measures of the stadium.

Warehouse guard dogs

One of the most popular targets of thieves is manufacturing premises and warehouses. Over one-quarter of all warehouses are broken into every year. It is crucial to enhance the security of your warehouse before it gets too late! CCTV cameras are never enough as they are excellent for watching the robbers thieve you but not adequate enough to stop them.

guard dogs for shipyards & docks

Our security dog handlers provide 24-hour security at the premises of shipyards. Shipyards are a common target of robbers, and most do their malicious activities at night time. With an enhanced sense of sight, dogs can see and alert their handlers of potential threats, making them an excellent choice for shipyard protection.

Birmingham city airport dog security

Terrorism and drug trafficking through airports have increased in recent years, demanding tighter security and more up-to-date security measures. At airports, security dogs assist in the detection of illegal substances like drugs and explosives. More than 300 million smell receptors don't take time to spot harmful substances or chemicals.

festival & event security dogs in Birmingham
Festivals & events

Security must be taken into account for any event, no matter how big or small. They are all confronted with dangers and difficulties that could endanger attendees or visitors. A comprehensive strategy should be in place to avoid and resolve security issues. Dogs are incredible at keeping an eye on a wider range of people with an amazing sense of detection.

security dog handlers
Diplomatic tasks

All our dogs are trained to ensure they react only when a threat is detected. They're very warm and friendly and can be your paw- friend. They are protective and loyal and will go to any length to protect their owners. This characteristic can make them a great shield for high-profile people in diplomatic situations, securing them and keeping unwanted attention at bay.

Dog patrols Birmingham

The countless benefits of dog security

Thanks to their smell-sensitive nose, quick response, and sharp jaw, dogs provide unparalleled security from any potential threat or intruder.

Security dogs provide a number of significant benefits to the owners:

  • Dogs are inherently loyal and hard to deceive
  • These human-friendly beings are extremely intelligent
  • Dogs have a quick response rate, and they react immediately to any threat
  • With that sharp, clenching jaw, they can give physical threats to deter criminals

Besides this, dogs are very playful and loving creatures, and they can help alleviate your stress, making them a perfect security option.

Why choose MEC Security

MEC Security specialises in providing security guard dogs. By choosing our service, you are ensuring that you have security dog handlers with extensive experience in the industry. We offer competitive market prices for security dog services so that you can rest assured that your property will remain safe regardless of your budget.

Ready to amp up your security while making a loyal paw-friend? Contact us NOW to arrange your dog security in Birmingham.

Service Coverage

Our canine units are also experty trained in the detection of weapons, explosives and drugs. Our sniffer dogs services are available in;
Essex, Kent and London.

We provide a wide range of services involving the dispatching of handling of trained canine units. Our security dogs are available in areas including;
Essex, Kent, Birmingham and London.

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