What Is Manned Guarding?

Unauthorized access to premises or locations is always going to be a challenge in communities. Preventing disorder in a society is a duty that everyone should take up. But the reality is that not everyone can and has the time to respond to security breaches.

New technologies and surveillance cameras have made it impossible for anybody to get away with a crime. But these remote monitoring sites do not allow for quick response to incidents and security breaches.

Find out what manned guarding is and its importance in this article.

What Exactly Is Manned Guarding?

Manned guarding is a security measure that ensures the protection of premises from unauthorized access, and so prevent disorder, theft, and injury to individuals and their properties. It involves an on-site guard who is present at a location and can respond quickly to security breaches and accidents. Manned guards are partly or wholly responsible for determining and accessing the suitability of admission into a location. Hence, manned guarding involves the following activities;

  1. Guarding premises against disorder and damage
  2. Guarding properties against being stolen or obtained without permission
  3. Guarding individuals against injuries and assault

Properties need to be well protected, and this layer of security is essential and useful to prevent trespassing and thefts. Even as technology prevails in the world, manned guarding is not going to lose its place or significance anytime soon.

Advantages Of Manned Guarding

1. Manned Guarding prevents possible threats by accessing the situation

It is not enough to be aware of the occurrence of a security breach. It is more useful if a service or act can detect the breach before it occurs. This is exactly what manned guarding seeks to achieve. Unlike technological surveillance methods, possible threats can be detected by accessing the situation at hand. The manned guard then responds to the situation at hand.

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2. Quick Response to incidents

Manned guarding permits professionals to take swift actions and decisions. One doesn’t need to confirm if the surveillance or cameras are depicting what seems to be true, unlike in technological security measures. A manned guard can easily communicate with the authorities when he sees a possible threat with mobile devices.

3. Several manned guards can be on a premise

There is no restriction to the number of individuals that can man a premise. This is not the case with cameras and surveillance technologies that may be difficult to place in a few areas. These guards can even prevent threats by disguising and working undercover.

4. Insurance Companies give discounts to locations with manned guarding

Manned guarding is such a reliable practice that insurance companies give a discount to sites that have this level of protection. This is because they are aware that manned guarding reduces arson, vandalism and other antisocial activities that people engage in. For a high-profile location, the discount that is given to by the insurance company may even surpass the investment into manned guarding employed at the site.

Situations Where Manned Guarding Activities Do Not Apply

Manned guarding activities cannot be performed in every situation and to every individual. Firstly, manned guarding does not apply to individuals that maintain law and order in a position or premises. For example, a school teacher accompanying children may not be subjected to manned guarding activities. Manned guarding activities do not also apply to individuals who respond to an unexpected occurrence or situation. For example, a doctor who responds to an emergency involving a patient would not be subjected to manned guarding activities.

Furthermore, in the UK, manned guarding activities do not apply to employees of an organisation who are carrying out normal activities. Employees of another team who are visiting and have certified permission are also exempted from manned guarding activities.

These exemptions and many others are detailed in Section 4(6) to 4(12) of the Private Security Industry Act. However, this is not to say that the individuals involved in all these situations are not watched or monitored.

Manned Guarding Services Of MEC Security

MEC Security is an approved manned guarding company that provides a physical on-site presence in the UK. Our goal is to discourage and prevent certain scenarios from occurring in such locations. We only select the most proficient and professional guards to man premises and property and protect individuals. We vet our members of staff vigorously and have no tolerance for mediocrity.


Manned security is essential in any gathering of people or premises. It is particularly important in high-profile premises and areas where anti-social behaviour is prevalent. The result of manned guarding activities the peace of mind for clients.

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