Types of Security Services You Can Hire | Infographic

The search for an appropriate security service can be tiring, not the least because there are so many different types of security services out there. With this infographic, we aim to simply that decision by breaking down the various types of security services in the UK.

You can make the process of picking a security service simpler by basing your choice on what you need. A security company usually tailors its services to specific use-cases and scenarios. So, while manned guarding services refers to trained security personnel, something like eviction services is geared towards removing unauthorized occupation of your property. An eviction service though is different from void property security, which ensures the safety of your unoccupied property from squatters, burglars and vandals.

A good example of a specially-designed security service is close protection chauffeur. This service ensures you are safely transported from one place to another. But if you want this level of safety to be available 24×7, VIP security is a better choice. Both services are staffed with experts who are trained to spot security blind-spots and keep you safe from them. Security dog patrols and specialist search dogs are other examples of security services that have very specific use-cases. That said, both are different, and you can refer to the infographic below to know why.

For more on different types of security guard services, you can get in touch with us today. MEC is one of the leading security agencies in London and offers all the services outlined above. We are ranked among the top security companies in the UK and have covered the security needs of VIPs, public events, businesses and individuals across the UK. Many of our personnel boast of a law-enforcement background and have undergone extensive training to ensure the fool-proof security of your property, loved ones and yourself.

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