Security Tips For Home and Workplace

An Introduction to Security

Personal security was not a big problem in the last millennium, as competent police forces combined with the then level of technology prevented most crimes, and caught most of the perpetrators. However now, it has rapidly become one of the most pressing concerns of the 21st century. With all kinds of modern technology and advancements, there has been a rising demand for increased security concerns in the recent time. The way crime has surged massively since the start of the new millennium has prompted a new wave of concerns: personal security. As a result, the fear among the common people has increased a lot. Not only for the safety of people but security has become a major concern in each and every field.

Nowadays, people have become much more concerned about their personal safety than they were at any point in known history. A wave of paranoia has washed over the populace, and we can’t say that it’s totally pointless: after all, crime certainly has risen to new horrifying heights. Nowadays because of the increased crime rates, there are problems here and there. For instance, there has been a lot of concern among the business people such as there is always a need for security cameras at shopping malls, local shops, restaurants, and other places. In fact, there has been a rise in the demand for security cameras to be installed in homes as well. Everyone wants to keep an eye on the surrounding of the house all at a time. This not only helps people to keep an eye on all kinds of activities going inside or outside the house but also helps to keep them safe from any kind of criminal activities from taking place. It has been seen recently that there has been a greater number of security concerns among those houses where only elder people live. Thus, many security companies have come forth to offer a level of protection to the population, which finally makes a person feel safe in their own home again.

Services We Offer

We are a security company that offers many services in Essex, London. Our staff is a very singular selection, as all of them have been handpicked at the start of their career, from the tops of rosters of security professionals. We do this to make sure that they are able to integrate themselves into our regimens and flawlessly adopt our training, to mold them from a young age, as it were.

MEC Security offers a lot of services to both individuals and organizations, in and around Essex, London. Just some of the many services we offer are:

  • CCTV Installation London:

    We offer a quite simplified process where we install CCTV cameras in a location to ensure a hands-on security process. We analyze the building to analyze the best spots to install the Cameras, and we do our best to make the cameras camouflaged and blended in with its surroundings.

  • Manned Guarding Services:

    We offer one of the most comprehensive, hands-on and thorough manned guarding services in the whole world. Our experienced staff makes sure to check every nook and cranny before sitting down to monitor you and your property through a temporary security system that they install for a complete and satisfying experience.

  • Close Protection Services:

    Nowadays no matter how much external security you hire, the risk of danger cropping up in your extreme proximity is quite high. What a person needs for a thorough security experience is, in fact, close protection security services which means that we provide a chauffeur, driver or guard who is assigned to a person and if the risk level is higher, a whole team of guards is assigned to a person. These chauffeurs make sure that no danger will present itself in your close proximity and if it does, they make sure to completely eliminate it. Their objective is to escort you from point a to point B without any hassle or interruptions in between.

  • VIP security:

    This is one of the best services that we offer to our customers. Our VIP security service includes either static guards posted at various intervals along your estate, and can even be posted at intervals throughout your neighborhood. A second way of going about this process is that we post a trained guard dog and a handler at a point in your estate. They will patrol the entire estate, making sure that no elements of danger are lurking in the darkness.

  • K9 security:

    This service has been repeatedly applauded by many repeat customers. Our trained guard dogs have an exceptional sense of both smell and hearing, which allows them to sense and locate any dangerous or criminal elements that may be present on your grounds.

Because of all the reasons as discussed, there has been a need for different kinds of security needs by the use of different methods at various fields.

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