10 Ways To Make Your Home Safer

Our homes should be the most secure places in our lives. This is where we have the family and the most expensive things in our lives such as jewellery, money and credit cards. These are some of the main things that burglars usually look for. But if you ask most…


How to get a SIA Badge – The Process

The SIA badge – known as the SIA license – proves your registration with the Security Industry Association. It’s the badge that all staff in frontline security must wear while they are working, and if you plan to work in the security industry, it’s something that you must look into….


What is a High Court Enforcement, and What Will Happen?

High court enforcement is a serious issue to deal with the UK.  This post will explain what high court enforcement is, who a high court enforcement officer is, what you should expect when visited by one, and what the enforcement process is like. What is high court enforcement, and what…


MEC Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services.