Why are Manned Guarding Services Important & How to Pick the Right One?

Despite the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the fear that it may render human labour irrelevant, there is now wide-ranging consensus that replacing the human element is not that easy after all. Where AI might destroy jobs, it’s likely to create an equal or greater number of jobs for human beings in other areas.

How this fits in the context of manned guarding services, you might ask? The analogy is meant for naysayers who predicted the irrelevancy of manned security services with the advent of advanced electronic security devices. But the human element has managed to stamp its relevancy and importance as there is no entity that can do without human assistance in its security setup.

Why Manned Guarding Security is Important?

  • Deters thefts & other crimes

Multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of physical security in preventing thefts and related crimes. The psychological impact of human presence on would-be burglars has been well-documented and can prevent thefts, vandalism, arson etc.

While a CCTV system with the latest sensors and alarms is helpful to monitor a wide area, human intervention is necessary to catch hold of the offender(s). Trained security personnel are also well-versed with the ways of criminals and can pre-empt a majority of crimes.

  • Offers complete security

Carrying forward from the previous point, a manned security service is the missing piece from your security puzzle. In many security breaches, the absence or lack of enough security personnel is the loophole that gets exploited most often by criminals.

Which is why for any security system to be effective and reliable, trained and experienced personnel have to be at its core. In other words, by hiring able security professionals you are only increasing the effectiveness of your CCTV and alarm systems.

  • Boosts confidence & spirits

If your business or organization is a custodian of physical or non-physical things that impact the lives of people associated with it, implementing a top-grade security protocol is a must.

With the right security personnel, your organization and employees can focus on how to grow your business rather than sweat about its security needs. Research shows that when a business goes out of its way to ensure the safety and security of its employees, it earns their loyalty and makes them more productive.

Now that we’ve looked at the subtle and intangible ways in which manned guarding security benefits any business, let’s understand how to choose the right one.

There are loads of security companies in UK that offer manned guarding services. The task of picking one from the lot can be made simpler if you are mindful of the following things.

  • Specialisation

As far as possible, avoid manned guarding companies that act as ‘jacks of all trades’ and offer manned guarding in addition to a host of other security services. While large companies might have the wherewithal to offer a bouquet of security services without compromising on quality, small or upstart businesses most certainly cannot.

That is because providing manned security is an expensive proposition that requires finding and holding onto the right people for the job. To be on the safe side, go with a specialised company that provides only a certain type of security service, which in your case would be manned security. This way, you deal with a firm that knows what it’s doing.

  • Experience

The security of your business is a sensitive matter and only the most experienced hands should be put in charge of it. This is no different to hiring the most qualified person for a position that is vital to the business’s success, like the CEO for instance. Too many businesses overlook this aspect and end up burning their fingers, even irreparably in some cases.

Sure, every established security business that exists today was a new firm at one point of time. That doesn’t make them bad but it sure puts a question mark over their ability to deal with unforeseen security problems. That is why going with a firm that has been around for some time is a better guarantor of your business’s safety. Moreover, word spreads around in the manned guarding industry rather quickly so if a business is still around after several years, it’s a safe bet to assume it’s doing a lot of things right.

  • Accreditation

Alongside individual reviews, accreditation from the Security Industry Authority is an excellent way to judge the reliability of a manned security agency. The accreditation is proof that the agency or company’s features and personnel have been assessed by an expert and independent authority and found to surpass a certain minimum level of expertise required to provide professional security services.

Besides the Security Industry Authority, other sources whose accreditation or approval you can trust include the SafeContractor scheme and the numerous BSI standards that are applicable to individual services like keyholding or operational aspects like vetting of potential candidates for manned security duties.

The security of your business is the first and foremost step in creating a productive work environment. By evaluating a manned security company on the above parameters, you ensure that the right business is picked for such an important job.

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