How to Protect Your Home from Burglary | Infographic

Protecting your homes seems like much of a heck but is important that you keep your homes secured. If you have the best security systems installed, your major challenges are achieved.

Burglaries are becoming common these days. This is the result of some simplest and most obvious precautions been overseen. Whatever be the situation, you should always lock your doors and windows when you head out. Avoid placing the spare keys in the obvious and easily locatable places. Keep a close track of the spare keys if they exist and keep the place changing.

Don’t keep any money or jewellery lying out to view from windows as this can tempt the burglars. Always warn the burglars with the security signs this take the burglars on backfoot.

When away from homes for few hours always keep the home surroundings well-lit to make the presence felt. Also trim all the landscaping around the windows and door to avoid the places for hiding. The most obvious place the intruders check to get inside the homes are the garage, we often forget to lock the garage doors which gives burglars easy access in the home.

A burglary can happen anywhere, proven facts say burglaries of residential properties alone account about 69% of all the burglaries around the world, don’t let your home contribute in the next statistics.

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protect your home from burglary

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