When and Why You Should Consider A Security Chauffeur?

An ever increasing number of customers are ending up inquiring as to whether they may require the additional consolation managed by our Close Protection Chauffeur. We can offer close protection chauffeur transport for Corporate VIP’s, Political Figures, Media Superstars, Games Identities, and any person, because of status, open acknowledgment or…


Types of Security Services You Can Hire | Infographic

The search for an appropriate security service can be tiring, not the least because there are so many different types of security services out there. With this infographic, we aim to simply that decision by breaking down the various types of security services in the UK. You can make the…


Secure Your Business with Manned Security Services

Manned security services provide the necessary man and muscle power to your premises in case of an emergency, intrusion or accident. Majority of business premises or sites today are remotely monitored through closed circuit cameras. But this cannot be used as a replacement to an on-site guard who is physically…


MEC Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services.