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Concrete Barriers Essex

Concrete Security Barriers Essex

At MEC Security, we can provide a selection of concrete barriers and other protective solutions to guard commercial or residential premises against intruders. They are an effective way to secure your premises from travellers, fly-tippers, vandals, and any other type of trespasser, and act as a deterrent to anybody tempted to illegally access your land.

Security Barrier Installation Essex

Concrete Barrier Blocks Essex

At MEC Security, the concrete barriers, steel bollards, and other barrier options we provide, can be used for a wide range of purposes.

They can be used as effective barriers for business owners and landowners looking to protect their properties. When placed across access points, traffic won't be able to get through, and unwelcome visits from fly-tippers, travellers, and other types of trespasser will be restricted.

Concrete barriers can be used for traffic management purposes. They are a common sight in car parks, and they can also be used when trying to control traffic flow, including those areas where roadworks are taking place.

Our barrier options can also be used to secure building sites and other areas that are hazardous to the general public. Such areas include those places where landslides are possible, or where there are nearby water hazards.

Concrete Barrier Hire Essex

Concrete Barrier Hire Essex

MEC Security provides a range of concrete barriers for hire in a variety of sizes and weights to suit your site requirement.

We recommend concrete barriers be interlocked or overlapped to suit the size of opening that you wish to protect. Where authorised vehicle access is required, a gate designed to attach to our concrete blocks can also be installed.

Precast Concrete Barriers

Our precast concrete barriers are ideal when used for demarcation, perimeter and boundary security, traffic management and parking management, parks and open space protection or public space protection.

Precast concrete barriers are ideal for protecting vacant and Void property, business properties, construction and industrial sites.

Temporary Concrete Barriers

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCB’s)

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCB’s) are used to provide demarcation and a physical barrier to unauthorised vehicle entry. When a physical barrier is required to prevent vehicle access, our TVCB concrete barriers, built to BS EN 1317 standard, provide the perfect temporary or permanent solution.

As an additional security measure, TVCB concrete barriers can be interlocked at either end & bolted together to provide a versatile, robust & cost-effective perimeter security solution that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Dimensions: 3000mm Length x 800mm Height x 450mm Width - 2500Kgs

Find out more about hiring Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers.

Type of concrete barrier available in essex

Interlocking Jersey Barriers

Interlocking Jersey barriers provide a unique interlocking system that provides security against unwanted visitors whilst allowing sections to be easily removed and repositioned should emergency access be required.

Cast from high-strength concrete (50N/mm2) the barriers are quick and easy to install and are available for nationwide delivery.

Dimensions: 2500mm Length x 810mm Height x 610mm Width at base that taper to 150mm - 1450Kgs

Give us a call if you would like to learn more about Interlocking Jersey Barriers!

security concrete block barrier

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Our range of interlocking concrete blocks provide an excellent security solution for a wide range of projects and come in various sizes, including flat top versions.

Two commonly used blocks from this range are:

  • Full Block (LG8) with dimensions: 1600mm Length x 800mm Height x 800mm Width - 2400KGs
  • Half Block (LG4) with dimensions 800mm Length x 800mm Height x 800mm Width - 1200KGs
  • Each block has its own lifting pin cast into it. Allowing you to easily change the installation configuration without the need for specialist lifting equipment or grabs.

MEC Security

We offer bespoke security solutions for your business or property. To learn more about the concrete barriers that we provide, and to discover more about our other security services, get in touch with our team. We pride ourselves on the services that we can offer, and have the experience you need to keep your premises safe.

To find out more about our barrier solutions get in touch with us today.

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