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Security company Brentwood

Security company Brentwood

Security is one of the basic needs of man. Without security, we cannot properly carry out our daily activities, which is why we need security guard services. Security companies offer such services to homes, businesses, and private individuals.

MEC Security

MEC security is a renowned security company in Brentwood that provides high-quality security guard services within the Brentwood area. Our team comprises well-skilled and dedicated security guards Brentwood, fully licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority).

Our security guards Brentwood are made up of military veterans, ex-police officers, and well-trained security personnel. We constantly train our team to keep them up-to-date on security protocols and in-demand skills needed as expert security guards Brentwood.

MEC security company Brentwood provides 24/7 security services. We respond fast to security alarms and can handle any emergency that arises. Our security guards Brentwood also receive first aid training and how to handle medical emergencies. Whether you need armed or unarmed guards for your residential or commercial property, you get value for your money as our team comprises the most efficient staff. Each of our security guards goes through rigorous background checks and interviews to ascertain that they are fit for the job.

Our security services

MEC security Brentwood provides a wide range of high-standard security services for residential and commercial clients. Our services include the following:

Retail Security

MEC security company Brentwood provides security for retail stores. Our retail security Brentwood covers all security needs of your facility. Our team of unarmed security guards Brentwood prioritises the safety of employees, customers, and assets. Retail stores are susceptible to shoplifting and robbery, which is one of the reasons you need physically fit guards to man the premises. Our retail security guards Brentwood take care of theft scenes and emergencies to ensure a safe environment for business.

Multi-purpose security guards

If you need all-around 24/7 security for various purposes, you can get it in the multi-purpose security service. Our multi-purpose security guards Brentwood are proactive and versatile. They can fit various needs like customer service, surveillance, and private security. MEC multi-purpose security guards Brentwood are ready for any emergencies, including fire and medical emergencies. Whatever your security needs are, they deliver high-quality services.

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Concierge security

Concierge security performs front-line defense and reception functions. With concierge security, you can do without a receptionist, as concierge security guards take care of calls and customer service in your organisation. Since they are the first contact with your customers, it's crucial to hire professional concierge security officers. MEC security guards Brentwood have customer service skills and can effectively monitor your premises, screen for security threats, and manage emergencies.

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Security patrols

Security patrols perform day and night patrols on residential and commercial premises to protect against security threats. MEC security company Brentwood provides foot and vehicle patrol for clients at scheduled times. We also monitor your property using surveillance equipment and respond immediately to emergency calls. Our patrol security team is observant, proactive, and has a good sense of judgement.

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Vacant property security

Vacant properties are an easy target of trespassers and criminals, so you need guards to protect and secure your site or property. Vacant property security protects the value of your asset and prevents criminal activities. MEC security company in Brentwood offers regular inspection services, alarm responses, and house keys for vacant properties. With our professional team, you don't have to worry about the safety of your property because we regularly report the security state of your site.

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VIP close protection security

VIPs like business tycoons, celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile personalities face daily security concerns. As a result, they constantly need static security to ensure they are safe. MEC is one of the best security companies in Brentwood that offers VIP security services. Our highly trained team provides 24/7 house protection, security vehicles, and driving. We protect against physical harm, unsolicited attention, unruly crowds, and other threats to safeguard your peace of mind and privacy.

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Party & event security

Large parties and significant events can result in disaster if proper care is not taken. To ensure the security of parties and events and the safety of guests, security officers must be available. Our security company in Brentwood, London, guards events and parties of every kind to protect lives and properties. Our proactive and highly skilled event security guards Brentwood respond accurately to emergencies, control the crowd, prevent crimes, and respond to medical and fire emergencies.

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CCTV, security locks, installation

For optimum security, you also need security equipment in your home, organisation, and business premises. MEC security company Brentwood installs a wide range of security systems, including CCTV, security locks, and alarm systems. We recognise these equipment's benefits as a support for human security, so we go for the best quality device. Security is a need that should not be compromised, so we don't compromise our services.

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Security services in Brentwood

Why work with us

MEC is one of the most qualified security companies in Brentwood. Our security team is strictly selected with a focus on employing top-notch security professionals who can face any security challenges. Our armed and unarmed staff are fully trained to be physically fit and are informed on security protocols.

MEC security is one of the leading security companies in Brentwood. We pride ourselves in our diligence and dedication to providing unmatched security Brentwood for our residential and commercial clients. We establish a friendly relationship with our customers and ensure that they can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

We offer our clients a wide range of first-class security services. Our security team is proactive and can respond effectively to emergencies and security threats in your home or organisation. Working with us gives you peace of mind and the assurance you need to carry out your daily life without security worries because we will shoulder them for you.

We have a track record of excellence that speaks for us. Our proficiency as a security company in Brentwood comes from a commitment to quality. This is why we ensure we work hand in hand with our customers to meet their security needs.

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Trusted & accredited security in Brentwood

MEC security company is trusted throughout Brentwood to provide security solutions for residential and commercial clients. Our track record as a high-quality guard service has built our reputation as one of the most reliable security companies in Brentwood.

We maintain very high standards, have an SIA-approved license, and our armed security guards are fully authorised to carry arms.

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Service coverage

MEC Security are a security company based in the UK, offering a wide range of services in a range of different areas.

We are a recognised UK security company providing services in Essex, Brentwood, London and Kent.
Some of the services that we offer include;
Party and Event Bouncers, Car Meet Prevention and Concierge Security in London

Our UK VIP security chauffeur services are also available in Essex and London.
We also provide assistance for close protection in Essex & security chauffeurs in London.

If you are interested in using our reliable team to keep your sites safe, contact us today. We can provide you with a FREE quote and competitive pricing. Call us today to see if we can help in an area near you!

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MEC Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services.