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Manned Guarding Kent

Manned guarding Kent

Modern technological advancements may have removed the need for the human element in many industries of today, but when it comes to the secure protection of business establishments and properties there is no substitute for manned guarding.

Without a doubt, the most efficient way to safeguard your assets and buildings from instances of theft, criminal damage and break-ins is by having security guards protecting them around the clock.

For anyone who has assets to protect, especially in areas that are prone to delinquent behaviour, it’s absolutely essential that the most reliable, robust and professional security services are in place.

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Manned guarding Kent

At MEC Security we provide security guards who pride themselves on our reputation for excellence along with our customer-centric approach; offering a bespoke solution to our client's requirements.

You might be in the unfortunate position of having recently fallen victim to an incident or maybe you want to replace a security team that's failed you in the past, either way, MEC Security caters to your individual needs. We offer free quotes and competitive prices to our customers bolstered by our highly-regarded level of client service.

Benefits of manned guarding in Kent

Instant response

Cameras, trip sensors, and alarms act as a strong deterrent in preventing unauthorised access and damage to your property, but what happens when an instance does occur? Panic can set in and a desperate scramble ensues to try and get someone onsite to resolve the issue and restore safety.

Having a person or team dedicated to access control who are ready and able to respond the moment an issue arises will often prevent the intrusion, theft, damage or security breach from taking place at all. But when it does, you know that the undesired activity will be resolved swiftly by one of our trained and accredited professionals.

Multiple security personnel

Manned security services allow you to have more than one security guard attending your site to allow maximum coverage and even faster response rates. Multiple on-foot security measures can reach areas where cameras cannot be placed or where blind spots occur. Our personnel can also work in plain-clothes to offer you a discreet and inconspicuous security presence.

Having manned security services can de-escalate a situation and a physical security team can apprehend, escort or control an incident in situations where technology can only monitor.

Reduced insurance costs for premises protected by manned guarding.

Insurance companies recognise the unmatched level of protection that manned security services deliver, consequently offering a heavily reduced premium for people who implement this level of safeguarding; an undeniable testament to its efficiency and recognition as the number one security choice.

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24 hour manned security
services in Kent

Break-ins, criminal damage and other forms of anti-social behaviour don’t work on a 9-5 schedule so neither should your security. Our experienced security guards can protect your business premises every hour of the day, giving you complete peace of mind that a trained security professional is on hand to keep things in order.

Manning a building during hours when staff are not present offers the advantage of making premises appear occupied and operational even when they're not; acting as a natural deterrent to would-be thieves or opportunists. We can also provide security guarding to our clients for hours when staff and personnel will be onsite to reassure your team that they are safe and protected; particularly applicable for retail security.

SIA licensed security guards in Kent

A visible human presence is one thing but having a fully trained, uniquely skilled and professionally certified security operative guarding your event, location or premises is quite the other.

MEC Security personnel are SIA approved making them fully licensed security officers. The SIA (Security Industry Association) are a national association and an SIA licence is the industry standard of British security training.

Every carefully-screened officer of MEC brings the gold standard of professionality and the ability to react to a situation with a considered and rational response. A lot of our security guards also have experience and training as dog handlers.

Our clients can feel confident that having MEC Security on hand to guard your premises means that your needs are covered by qualified specialists. Each officer will have undergone specialised training to prepare them for the full range of eventualities that may occur throughout periods of manned guarding.

Do I need 24-hour

24-hour manned security services are going to be an indispensable investment to you if you’re the owner of a building that hosts high-profile events or one that's based in an area that is susceptible to instances of vandalism, arson or unauthorised access.

Similarly, if you have a building used to store high-value goods, expensive materials or other assets that attract thieves, then 24-hour security services will relieve you of the anxiety that your inventory may no longer be there when you return in the morning.

What is manned

Manned guarding is the implementation of a human security guard to prevent, protect and respond to any security breaches or acts of anti-social behaviour that take place at a property or event.

Unlike technologically-based equivalents such as CCTV, proximity sensors and alarm systems, manned guarding offers rapid response rates, on-site accountability and a degree of adaptability that simply cannot be matched by remote monitoring alternatives.

Manned guarding services near you in Kent

MEC are a security industry authority and operate nationwide across the United Kingdom, offering our security services in Kent and the surrounding areas.

Business owners, holders of large commercial storage facilities, or event hosts can all rely on MEC security Kent to provide precise manned guarding solutions to make you feel safe in the knowledge that your building’s security is being treated as top priority and in the hands of industry-leading specialists.

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Service coverage

MEC Security are a security company based in the UK, offering a wide range of services to secure commercial properties.

We provide specialist Manned Guarding services in the below areas of the UK;
Kent, Essex and London.

We provide vacant property security services in the UK. Areas include;
Essex, Kent and London

If you are interested in using our reliable team to keep your sites safe, contact us today. We can provide you with a FREE quote and competitive pricing. Call us today to see if we can help in an area near you!

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