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Vacant Property Security London

Vacant Property Security London

In recent times, there has been an exponential rise in commercial properties falling vacant due to economic decline. This sad fact means that Vacant Property Security is increasingly required to prevent acts of vandalism, theft and squatting.

Vacant Property Security London is essential in keeping currently unused property secure and protecting assets that may be used again in the future or eventually sold.

Empty Property Security in London

Who needs vacant
property security?

Vacant property security can prove immensely beneficial to anyone who has ownership or control over an empty building of any kind. For landlords with a void property or commercial business owners who now find themselves with an empty property on their hands, many insurers insist that "adequate security measures" must be in place as part of their insurance requirements.

CCTV surveillance may at first seem like a simple and cost effective solution, but has been proven to be easily evadable and often an unreliable means of preventing unauthorised access.

Why choose MEC Security services?

MEC are vacant property security specialists. We have an expansive team of security guards, all of whom have SIA approved contractor status. Every one of our security personnel go the extra mile to protect our client's empty buildings or void property by conducting regular patrols and acting as a visible deterrent to opportunists.

MEC Security offer services nationwide and our empty property security team can be dispatched to protect and secure vacant property in Essex, London, Kent and more.

Qualified security guard dog handlers London

If needed, we can also supply you with security guards who are fully trained security dog handlers. Security guarding is much more effective when you use security guard dogs. Due to their enhanced perception and sensory capacities, a single dog with its handler has been shown to be as effective as 5 security guards.

Experienced and reliable

When you use MEC Security, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your vacant property is being secured and protected by renowned security specialists. We have been providing vacant property security services in London for many years and our clients feel safe and reassured that their security is our number one priority.

Security for empty premisis

Vacant Property
Specialists London

Accompanied Site Visits

If you would feel safer having one of our SIA security personnel accompany you to a site, then we can arrange for one of our team to join you to guarantee your safety and enforce any eviction requirements.

Protecting vacant properties

As well as manned guarding and security guarding with dog handlers we also have an array of other security options that can keep a void properties fully protected.

Vacant Property

Security In London

Our security guards can work around the clock to provide void property security on a 24 hour basis. If, however, you're looking for a service that is more reaction based then we can instead install temporary alarm systems that are directly linked to our security control centre in Basildon.

Regular security visits

Most vacant building insurance requirements dictate that an empty building or commercial premises that has been left vacant must be visited a minimum of once a week to keep the policy running. We dispatch our team to carry out these routine visits and keep everything in order.

Empty Property Management

Meter Readings

We can obtain meter readings for gas, electricity and other utilities on your behalf. If necessary and required we can also take photos and complete checklists.

Loss prevention

If your property is empty but still holding valuable stock, making commercial property security a priority will aid you in preventing metal theft, inventory loss and undue worry.

Empty Property Security in London

MEC Security - comprehensive
security solutions London

Our full range of void security services include:

  • Site preparation and clearance
  • Electronic security (Alarms/CCTV)
  • Manned guarding security services
  • Uniformed response security services
  • Security signage for empty sites
  • Temporary intruder alarm systems
  • Empty building utility cut-offs
  • Security fencing
  • Waste removal services
  • Property inspections
  • Mobile dog patrols
  • Eviction services
  • Traveller evictions
  • Squatter evictions
  • Lock changes
  • Drain downs
  • Letter box sealing
  • Security key holding
  • Security mobile patrols
  • Insurance inspections

Contact us today

If you're having issues with squatters in your vacant property, regularly finding it damaged and vandalised or need assistance with gathering meter readings - our team can help.

MEC security have a reputation for being a results-driven team who excel in all that we do. Our customer's satisfaction is always top priority and our team are highly regarded in the security industry for their expertise.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us to obtain more detailed information on how we can meet your security needs and protect your vacant, void or empty properties.

Service coverage

MEC Security are a security company based in the UK, offering a wide range of services to secure commercial properties.

We provide specialist Manned Guarding services in the below areas of the UK;
Kent, Essex and London.

We provide vacant property security services in the UK. Areas include;
Essex, Kent and London

If you are interested in using our reliable team to keep your sites safe, contact us today. We can provide you with a FREE quote and competitive pricing. Call us today to see if we can help in an area near you!

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