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Traveller Eviction Essex

Travellers Eviction in Essex

Travellers, Squatters & Trespasser Removal Essex

Is it your responsibility to upkeep and maintain fields and other areas of land? If so, you may have issues with a Travellers community living on your land. At MEC Security, we can manage the eviction and removal process of these communities for you.

Our professionals and experts have lots of experience removing unwanted guests from private and public land, all whilst using Magistrates Warrants or Orders for Possession. Our team can also provide subtle persuasion with legal letters and visits to the site whilst your case is processed at court.

Evict Travellers from private land in Essex

Trespassers Eviction Company In Essex

At MEC Security, we can help anyone with trespassing issues to get them sorted right away. We will begin the process by discussing your situation and the options we have available to help you out. We understand the struggle of having unwanted guests trespassing on your land, and the problem can become stressful and time-consuming if it is not controlled.

Our dedicated team is willing to handle any situation and manage the hard work on your behalf, allowing you to live a stress-free and safe life. You will leave our company knowing that traveller communities cannot take advantage of your land any longer.

efficient traveller eviction process in Essex

Gypsy Eviction Essex

Our knowledgeable team members are aware that some travelling communities use the Criminal Law Act 1977 in an aim to prevent you from evicting them from your land. We understand that this scenario can be nerve-wracking for many landowners as it may seem like you will never be able to get your land back. However, with years of experience, our team has grown to know how to gain legal access to the land, even when unwanted guests use padlocks or chains to block it off. We can guarantee evictions regardless of the trespasser’s knowledge of the law.

Same Day Evictions Near You

At MEC Security, we aim to evict Traveller communities as soon as possible. We understand what can occur if trespassers remain on your land for more than a few days. Our specialists are always instructed to work as quickly and effectively as possible following your call.

Our team can reach the site on the same day and begin the eviction process straight away in most situations. We can also work with local police, if necessary, to ensure the process is hassle-free.

MEC Security provide traveller eviction services in Essex and other areas such as; London, Kent, Surrey & more

Comprehensive Eviction
Service in Essex.

Many landowners don’t want to deal with the hassle of evictions as they have faced aggressive travelling communities in the past. However, there is no need to worry when working with MEC Security for eviction services. Our fully trained agents have years of experience when it comes to dealing with stubborn and troublesome trespassers. Our extensive knowledge of the law means we can reduce any chance of losing the battle against trespassers.

Some of the most common places travellers might appear include:

private land traveller eviction Essex

Private land

evict travellers from public land

Parks and play areas

evict travellers & Squatters from shopping centres Essex

Shopping centres

evict travellers from school premisis

School playing fields

evict travellers from leisure centre property

Leisure centres

Squatter Eviction Essex

Non Residential Property Squatter Eviction

If you own or manage commercial property or land, you will be completely aware of the risks involved in leaving the land without supervision for any length of time. Properties can be at risk of a break-in, theft or vandalism and illegal occupation.

The process of evicting squatters from your non-residential premises can be stressful, complicated and challenging. Some squatters are well organised and are known to take advantage of groups set up to remind them of their rights, including the Advisory Service For Squatters.

MEC Security specialises in assisting commercial and private property owners with the eviction of squatters and the provision of vacant possession. We have and continue to work closely with lawyers and the police to provide a swift and professional squatter eviction service. High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) enable us to enforce your County Court Order by transferring it to the High Court for enforcement purposes.

Squatters Eviction In Essex

clearance & re-securing of the property

On receipt of the High Court Writ of Possession at MEC security, we can quickly and efficiently evict squatters from your land or property. We can also assist you with the clearance and protection of the property. We can do so by clearing your property of any needles, sharps, rubbish and waste material, changing locks and installing steel window security screens and doors if required.

Acting fast is crucial with eviction to protect your property from further damage or theft.

Call us today and our enforcement team can commence proceedings as a matter of urgency.

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