Squatters Eviction London
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Squatters Eviction London
High Court Enforcement for Eviction of Squatters

Squatters Eviction London

Squatters and other unwanted tenants can become a real issue for landlords, property owners, and investors who don’t know the correct manner for dealing with the situation. The number of cases reaching the courts involving squatters has increased during the last few years, and so those responsible for empty homes and houses around the country need a team of experienced experts fighting in their corner.

At MEC Security, we have a long history of dealing with squatters and enforcing High Court eviction notices. Get in touch with us as soon as possible if you need to remove squatters from one of your properties. Time is of the essence!

High Court Enforcement for Eviction of Squatters
Squatters Eviction London

Squatters Removal London

The law changed a few years ago, and squatting is now a criminal offence. That is excellent news for landlords and those who want to remove unwanted guests from their properties. However, there is still a process to follow, and any mistakes made along the way could mean the trespassers get to remain in the property for much longer than they otherwise would have done.

That is why all investors, managers, and property owners need to act fast and contact a company like MEC Security. We can remove all the hard work from the process and leave you free to relax, safe in the knowledge those squatters will leave your property as soon as possible.

Eviction of Squatters in London - Repossess Your Property

Repossess Your Property in London

Anyone with squatters in their properties will need to go through the civil courts to obtain a possession order. We can manage that part of the process and ensure it happens without delay. The issue is that many unwanted guests will ignore that order, and that is why we have to take things a step further. In securing your property, our team will attempt to remove the squatters using common law.

If that doesn’t work, we’ll transfer your possession order to the High Court and get a writ. Our enforcement officers can then remove the squatters with the authority of the courts. In many instances, we will work with police officers to ensure the squatters vacate your property as quickly as possible.

Squatters Removal in London
Evict Your Squatters Today

Evict Your Squatters Today

Success rates for the eviction of squatters in London are exceptionally high, and so all our clients will get their properties back. We are yet to encounter an instance in which it was impossible to evict the unwanted guests, and that means you can be 100% confident in the results you will get from our services.

Our team will keep you informed at every juncture, and the process might only last a few days from start to finish. That is why you need to start the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Squatters Eviction in London & the Surroundings: High Court Enforcement for Eviction of Squatters

Regardless of the size of the property or how many squatters there are inside, MEC Security can assist you in getting the desired result with the least amount of hassle.

Don’t let squatters ruin one of your properties in London just because it’s empty at the moment. Call us today and take back control of your assets!

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